WiFi Hacker – Hack Wifi using WifiSlax 4.11 [Mac and Windows Laptop] 2015

WiFi hacker

In this tutorial, we will see how to crack WPA-WPA2 by using a WiFi hacker tool, WifiSlax 4.11 WiFi hacker, the best WiFi Password Hacking Software 2015 on both Macbooks and Windows Laptops. How to hack wifi password? it is easy.

The other WiFi cracking softwares normally work well on WEB or WPA security. WifiSlax is different since it can attack WPA2 by some different methods. In this post, I will introduce Linset, which will make all clients be disconnected to the targeted WiFi network first, then motivate them to connect to a protected fake WiFi Network in exactly the same name. The software will record the Entered password by clients.

It takes minutes or even hours to get the result. However, the Wifi Hacker tools are free to download, and the method is simple to do in the following steps. Just be patient and you will get it done.

Make WifiSlax Bootable USB

  • Prepare an USB 4Gb
  • Download Rufus
  • Download WiFi hacker – WifiSlax 4.11.ISO or Mega link (This is the newest version so far)
  • Run Rufus to create a WifiSlax Bootable USB

WifiSlax bootable USB Making

Hack WiFi using WifiSlax 4.11 in Mac OS X and Windows

By using an Bootable USB, we can boot WifiSlax on both Mac or Windows PC. At for Mac, after press the Power button, just keep holding the Option key to go to the Boot menu. In this instruction, we did on a Windows Laptop.

Step 1: Turn Off the Laptop, plug the USB into, then boot into the USB. From the wifiSlax screen, select the third line to go to English Menus.

Boot into WifiSlax USB

Step 2: Then select the first Line to start running wifiSlax OS

wifiSlax OS

Step 3: Select Wifislax With KDE Desktop

Wifislax With KDE Desktop

Step 4: Wait for seconds to go to Wifislax Dektop

Wifislax Dektop

Step 5: There are ways to crack WiFi Networks using this software. In the range of this writing, I will do with Linset: Start  -> WifiSlax -> Wpa -> Linset -> Enter.



Step 6: This step, WiFi Cards will be shown up. Enter the order number of the Cards (in the case you have more than one WiFi cards). I entered 1.

Enter WiFi Card

Step 7: Enter 1 to get the available WiFi networks list.

Go to Wifi Network list

The list of WiFi networks around you will appear, press Ctrl+ C to stop scanning more.

near Wifi network

Step 8: Choose the targeted WiFi by Enter the order number. I wanted to hack the WiFi named “lte”, so I enter 14.

Choose WiFi number to hack

Step 9: Choose Hostapd by entering 1.


Step 10: Enter 1 to choose Estricte.


Step 11: Enter 1 to choose Realizar desaut. massiva al AP objetive

Realizar desaut. massiva al AP objetive

In this step, choosing 4 will go back WiFi list, and choosing 5​ will end the program.

Step 12: The airodump-ng will appear to catch WPA Handshake. If in this step, WPA Handshake can not be realized, go back to step 10 and chose number 2.


Step 13: Enter 1 to choose Si


Step 14: Enter 1 to choose Interface web moutra

Interface web moutra

Step 15: Choose the language by enter the corresponding number, then take a sleep to see the result soon.

Language selecting

Step 16: Linset now will make the Laptops or Smart phones which is connecting to the targeted WiFi network, then generate a fake WiFi Network to ask them to join.

generate a fake WiFi Network

Step 17: The client will see the two WiFi Network in the same name. They tend to enter the password to attempt connect to both real WiFi Network and the Fake one. Linset will automatically catch the Password information Entered by the client.

The WiFi Password is hacked successfully
The WiFi Password is hacked successfully

After this topic, we now should know which WiFi cracking tool is the most powerful wifi hacker.


Best luck!