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What to do when iPhone 6S will not boot?

What to do when iPhone 6 will not boot

iPhone 6S is a greatest product of Apple so far. However, nothing is perfect if in a beautiful day, it will not turn on after pressing the power button. What should you do if your iPhone 6S won’t boot? Do not worry, you can make it work again by following a few suggestions.

After utilizing some our following solutions and the problem still remains the same, you might need to think about bringing it to Apple service for assistances.

Plug the battery charger and wait

iPhone, iPad or iPod may not start if the device’s battery is depleted. If the battery still contains a little energy, the device will display the message of “Low Battery” when booting and turn off a few minutes later. Therefore, you should try to charge the battery for at least 15 minutes with the power socket or 25 minutes if using USB connection to a computer. After that period of time, press the power button again as normal while it is still be charging.

Charge battery if iPhone 6 will not boot

If your iPhone 6S will not boot again, do the following solutions to fix.

Restart the iPhone through Hard Reset method

You really should manipulate this reset method before hastily brought to a company for repairs. You might fix the problem in couple of seconds.

Hard Reset reboot to fix iPhone will not turn one

To reboot iPhone with Hard Reset method, you press and hold Power and Home button together until the Apple logo appears. And the iPhone will turn on as usual.

Restore iPhone via iTunes

After 2 solutions above, and you still can not fix problem of that your iPhone 6S will not boot, the cause of trouble will be equated to iOS problem. You therefore should try to Restore the iPhone via iTunes.

Restore iPhone via iTunes to fix if it won't turn on

The circumstance should be solved now. Otherwise, it is time to think about bringing it to Apple repair service.

Hopefully my tips would help if your iPhone or iPad suddenly will not turn on after pressing the power button. Best luck!

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