Watching iTunes movies in Windows – Lag and choppy playback

This is for users who have iPhone or iPad but do not have a Mac Laptop. They tend to purchase movies and films from iTunes store, but it turns to hell with a lot of Lag and choppy playback when playing videos using iTunes in Windows. How to fix? and are there any alternatives?

Available Solutions?

iTunes 12 is designed to very compatible to Windows 10, the latest windows version so far. However, I am pretty sure that users still encounter constant Lag and choppy playback.

I do have both iPhone and iPad, but I do not afford to buy a Macbook pro just for watching movies because my engineering job need Windows to run some particular softwares.

I suppose that watching movies and films on iTunes in Windows is such a god damn idea. I would suggest some worthy alternatives: Amazon Prime, Vudu or XBOX video all provide their Apps to watch videos in iOS on iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X and Windows. Otherwise, you should get a Mac PC.