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VSCO Film Complete Pack (Updated) for Lightroom and Photoshop [Win/Mac]

Download and get FREE VSCO Film Complete Pack (Updated) – Revolutionary presets and camera profiles to speed up the process in the production of excellent results post-processing.

This app includes camera profiles and revolutionary presets for speeding up the process of production and delivering excellent post-processing results. VSCO Film presets are designed especially for Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Olympus, Leica, and Sony cameras. You need to choose the camera type for adding effects during production.

VSCO Film has set Archetype films that represents the finest digital emulation till date. With this application, you can change the tonal contrast, sharpness, effect of old lenses, etc. You can also add different shading to the film or go for vignette of various types.


• Adobe Camera Raw 7 & 9*
• Adobe Lightroom 4,5 & 6*
• Win/Mac

Download VSCO Film Complete Pack

524.00 MB

– VSCO Film 1
– VSCO Film 2
– VSCO Film 3
– VSCO Film 4
– VSCO Film 5
– VSCO Film 6
– VSCO Film 7
– VSCO Film Essentials
– VSCO Film LUTs
– VSCO Mobile Presets 01
– VSCO Mobile Presets 02
– VSCO Cam LUTs Continued

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