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Tuxera NTFS could not mount – How to fix?

Tuxera NTFS could not mount

“Tuxera NTFS could not mount” error is a nightmare such the dead blue screen problem in Windows. Look at the following solution to fix.

Recognize the error

This error is now more common since the number of mac users using Tuxera NTFS increase steadily. Normally, it actually happens when Tuxera users try to mount the driver under NTFS format.

Your case might be different, but the notifications all begins with “Tuxera NTFS could not mount /dev/disk2s1 at /Volumes/…

What are the potential causes and solutions to get rid of this trouble?

The Causes

This error appears because the current version of Tuxera NTFS is not compatible with the particular NTFS version of the driver (USB or external HDD) brand plugged.

Tuxera NTFS actually is developed from a free open-source, NTFS-3G, which is contributed by hundreds of Linux distributions such as Fedora, Mandriva, and openSUSE. NTFS-3G is not officially supported, updated, released by any companies. Therefore the compatibility of Tuxera NTFS is absolutely not high enough to cover almost all Hard Driver brands.

This really is unfair at all for such a paid Application.

How To Fix?

  • In the case the driver is still works fine, you should upgrade the Tuxera NTFS to the latest version.
  • After upgrading, if the problem remains the same, we strongly recommend switching to Paragon NTFS 15.
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Pat Charletta
Pat Charletta
4 years ago

Great article.

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