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Disable and enable Auto Correct in Mac OS X – Yosemite and El Captian

Auto Correct and Auto spelling are functions that really help to type faster but avoid significant grammar mistake in OS X. However, they sometimes bring inconvenient things that annoy users. Look at our following tips to disable and enable Auto Correct in Yosemite and El Capitan.

Disable and Enable auto correct in OS X

According to a complain on igeeksblog:

When you are drafting a letter in English, auto-correct comes in really handy. But the auto-correct will often lack context and will replace mis-spelled words with words that don’t fit the context.

That’s a problem because you can easily miss the correction unless you proofread thoroughly. That is why some folks turn this feature off.”

Manage Auto Correct in Mac OS X

We can easily Turn-Off and Turn-On Auto Correct in Mac OS X Yosemite and El Capitan in quick steps:

  • Access Keyboard (Apple Menu > System Preferences)

Disable Auto correct in Keyboard app

  • Under “Text” tab, unchecking Correct Spelling Automatically will disable and turn off Auto correct. In another hand, checking on it will turn-on and enable Auto-spelling (Auto-Correct).

Mange auto spelling in OS X


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