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Tip to play again all music by an artist on iPhone, iPad

In other words, we can Shuffle music from an artist to play back all their songs using iOS music player on iPhone, iPad very quickly by just some screen touches.

Shuffle music from an artist

I am pretty sure that many users are looking for solution to shuffle the favorite artists who have 3 or more than 3 albums in your music on iPhone or iPad. I had gotten the same issue and found out the solution with iOS 8.4. You might not find any different things in iOS 8.3 and other iOS version.

To play back all music songs of an artist on my iPhone, get on Artist Pane of My Music in the music player, then touch the artist image (the left of the artist’s name). Doing that will begin playing back the fist track of the artist on you iPhone and iPad. Next step, go to “Now Playing screen” and choose “shuffle icon” to start shuffling the rest of his or her music songs you have.

Is it possible to shuffle all tracks under the same artist who has multiple albums?

Until now, shuffle function works if the artist have one or two albums. In the case there are 3 or more than 3 albums and you can not use shuffle between all of the albums only one at a time. However, using voice command can help to shuffle the artist, all albums. Otherwise, we can create a playlist of the artist and do it that way (according to dan6714 – https://discussions.apple.com/thread/7129059).

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