Home Tips & Tricks [TIP] Extract File.RAR and UnRar using Terminal in Mac OS X [FREE]

[TIP] Extract File.RAR and UnRar using Terminal in Mac OS X [FREE]

Free unrar solution in Mac OS X

Why do you have to pay for Archiver softwares while we obviously can handle RAR and UnRAR using FREE Command Lines in through Terminal in Mac OS X.

There are too many applications that help to integrate compressed files (Rar, Zip, StuffIt, 7zip,…). Some of them are free, but almost of Mac Archiver softwares costs money for license key.

You want to take a look on our review on another topic: Free download best archive softwares for Mac OS X.

If you know a little bit about linux, you can handle File.zip through Terminal easily. At for File.RAR, we need to install a RAR tool such as RAR 5 from RARLab.

How to UnRar in Mac OS X using Terminal

Download then Install free RAR 5 for Mac OS X through Terminal

RAR 5.2.1 seems to be the latest version so far. Download it for free from http://www.rarlab.com/download.htm
How to install?
This Linux open source is designed to make unrar command available in Terminal. The installation is quite simple by just some command lines that you can se very specific tutorial here.

UnRar using Command Line in Mac OS X

After installing RAR 5.2.1, users are able to Unrar by the following command line.

unrar x /path/to/file.rar -d /patch/to/destination

/path/to/file.rar is the direction of the file.rar you want to extract. -d /patch/to/destination is the direction of the foler you want extract the file.rar into. For instance:
I have a test.rar inside the Appledigg folder in the Destop (unrar x /users/phanhongquan/desktop/appledigg/test.rar)

To unrar the file, I use the following command line
unrar x /users/phanhongquan/desktop/appledigg/test.rar -d /users/phanhongquan/desktop/appledigg/

Extract File.rar using command line

Tip: You can make it easier by drag and drop the file.rar into the Terminal window after the “unrar x ” (including one space).

Drag the file.rar into terminal to unrar


Which command line needed to extract the file.rar which is protected by a password?
Use the following command line:
unrar x p<em>THEPASSWORD</em> /path/to/file.rar -d /patch/to/destination


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chirag gauswami
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