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“There is no connected camera” error on MacBook [Fix]

There is no connected camera on MacbookNormally that camera does not work on Macbook comes with specific errors. The most common camera error you might encounter during using Mac OS X is “There is no connected camera“. Look at the following solutions to fix this problem.

No matter which device (Macbook, Macbook pro, Macbook air or even iMac) you are using and which OS X version (Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite or El Capitan) running on the Mac, the error comes suddenly with a black notification screen that seriously makes you attribute causes to hardware problems instead of software matters.

Fix “There is no connected camera” error

We give 2 solutions. You should take the solution 1 which is quick and simple to do first. After that, if the problem remains the same, take the solution 2.

Solution 1: Solve “There is no connected camera” error quickly via Terminal

Quite all apps that you are trying to use with the Camera > Open Terminal (find in /Applications/Utilities) > copy and paste the following command then hit the Enter key > Type administrator password > hit Enter.
sudo killall VDCAssistant
if still at the terminal, issue the following command:
sudo killall AppleCameraAssistant

Solution 2: Reset NVRAM to fix camera errors on Mac

You shut down the computer > unplug the power and wait for 20 seconds > Turn on your Mac > Before gray screen comes up, so almost immediately, press Option-Command-P-R at the same time. Hold down until you hear the turn-on noise, let go and let the system start up.

Hopefully, my tips work on you.

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Alison Cebulla
Alison Cebulla
5 years ago

Solution 1 worked for me! I bought a refurbished MacBook Pro and was getting the no connected camera message. Thank you so much!

Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith
5 years ago

didn’t fix my issue on MBA6.1 with Sierra. Re-booted, re-installed, re-swore, re-set SMC & NVRAM, re-cursed. still not working.

Modugula Karthik
Modugula Karthik
4 years ago

Worked in the first attempt

Theo Gooden
Theo Gooden
4 years ago

thanks much chief… worked perfectly first method! 🙂

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