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Take screenshot on iPhone without the lock button which is broken

How to take iPhone screenshot without the lock button which may be broken or does not work well? You can still take screenshots on iPhone using AssistiveTouch and the home button.

iPhone screenshots without Lock button

It is not funny at all. Many users have been in trouble with the Lock button on old iPhone, especially iPhone 3 and iPhone 4.

However, that Lock button does not work does not means we can not take screenshots any more because the there is still another lock function associated with AssistiveTouch in iOS.

Using AssistiveTouch Lock for taking screenshot without the lock button on iPhone

1. Enable AssistiveTouch in iOS: Go to setting > General > Accessibility > Scroll down to Turn ‘AssistiveTouch’ on.

Turn AssistiveTouch on

2. Tab on the Dot > Tab on Device.

Capture iPhone screen with Dot

3. From now, there are 2 available ways to take a screenshot.

  • Touch the “Lock” and hold the home button like when using the Home and Lock buttons at usual.

Take screenshot on iPhone

  • Or, Tab on “More”, then tab “Screenshot”. This way should be quicker.

We now know another way to take iPhone screenshot without the lock button. Cheers!

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