Spotlight: search for office word files (docx, doc) in OS X Yosemite

Normally, Mac users face a problem related to using Spotlight to search for document files after upgrading to Mac OS X 10.10 – Yosemite. Look at our tip with Spotlight to search for word files such as file.docx and file.doc in Mac OS X.

The reason makes it is impossible to find word file in OS X is that Documents category is not selected under Spotlight search results.

Access Spotlight by going System Preferences > Spotlight > Search Results > Make sure that Documents option is checked.

Select Documents in spotlight

You are now able to find any word office files in OS X very quickly.

However, It seems through Spotlight, you can search for Word file only when you provide the exact file name. How to search for word file by using a suggested text content keyword in Mac OS X? it is absolutely doable by using an external application named houdahspot. Read more…