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Speed up internet with copper wire and magnet

Speed up internet speed with copper wire and magnet

This article show you a simple trick that helps to increase your internet speed by 20% for using 2 very simple things – copper wire and magnet.

With development of broadband Internet and the optical fiber in recent times, we quickly forget the indescribable feeling of very low internet speed in the early days we got the internet. Even now, in some capital countries such as Australia, Internet is something luxury and of cause, the speed is damn slow. Commit more budget using internet service is absolutely the best solution. However, with copper wire and magnet, you could increase your internet speed somewhat.

Necessary tools need to prepare

+, 1 copper wire cross section of about 0.5 to 1 mm is still covered with insulating paint.
+, 1 capsule a permanent magnet (without magnet).
+, Paper knife.
+, Scotch tape.
+, Cutting pliers.

Tools to speed up internet speed

Steps to raise up your internet speed

  • Step 1: Straighten the copper wire, and make it placed perpendicular to the cable network.

Raise internet speed trick

  • Step 2: Book of 5-6 ring around the cable and far way about 30-40 mm from the connector.

Speed up your internet tricks

  • Step 3: Use pliers to cut the copper wire, make sure the the excess length of both side is about 15 mm
  • Step 4: Use a paper knife scrape the insulation on the wire. If the magnet surface is dirty, you should also clean razor to ensure exposure.

Tips to increase internet speed

  • Step 5: After scraping carefully, place the magnet in the position of the 2  copper wires.

Increase internet connection tips

  • Step 6: Use sticky tape to wrap tightly magnet.

How to speed up internet

  • Step 7: Do the same things with the another side of the cable.

Well done! now plug the cable and try to see how internet speed improves. Good luck!

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