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Specific instruction to install Mac OS X on Intel and AMD PC Desktop

install Mac OS X on PC

In this article, we will step by step give you instruction to install Mac OS X on Intel and AMD PC Desktop. The sample devices during our tutorial are:

Mainboard: Gigabyte EP45-UD3L – socket 775 chipset P45.
CPU: Core 2 Duo 7400 2.8GHz.
RAM: 2×2GB DRR2 800MHz.
VGA: Gigabyte GeForce 9600GT.

Gigabyte mainboard for install mac os x

Nowadays, PC Desktop uses socket LGA775 mostly, so we chose a sample devices includingLGA775 Mainboard  and Core 2 Duo CPU. Base on our experiences after quite long time installing Mac OS X on different Mainboards, we realize Gigabyte mainboard supports Mac OS X quite well. Otherwise, Gigabyte mainboard is supported strongly by OSX86 community. Too many people just install and run Mac OS X on Gigabyte mainboard PC smootly without any problems.

I – Preparation before installing Mac OS X on PC

Basic information needed

You might wanna take a look at some basic information of difference between Mac and PC and the solutions to solve in HACKINTOSH in our another topic.

Download necessary tools and softwares

We are gonna use Boot-132 solution to boot and create right environment for Mac, so we need an Mac OS X retail DVD and a boot dvd.

– To make a Mac OS X installing DVD, you can refer this tutorial: How to Burn Your Own OS X Lion Install DVD. Not only OS X Lion, you can buy Snow LeoPard  DVD or create Yosemite DVD base on the tutorial above.

Otherwise, you can refer Install and Run Mac OS X Yosemite on Intel AMD Desktop PC – Hackintosh in our newest topic.
– Download Empire EFI 1.085 DVD (torrent file – you need to download Empire EFI 1.085 through torrent method)
[sdm_download id=”3232″ fancy=”1″]

[sdm_download id=”3290″ fancy=”1″]
– Download Chameleon-2.2-r2404.pkg.zip
– Download DSDT Patcher GUI
[sdm_download id=”3236″ fancy=”1″]
– OSX86 Tools Utility Download
– Voodoo HDA kexts. VoodooHDA-0.2.2_prefPane.tar.bz2
– Boot screen or theme for Chameleon: refer here

Installing steps introduction

We are going through of these steps below to install Mac OS X on PC.
1. Modify BIOS setting
2. Restart PC with EFI environment.
3. Boot with Mac OS X Installing DVD
4. Divide and format Mac OS X partition
5. Install and startup Mac OS X for the first time
6. Install bootloader, kext basically
7. Install and comunicate all devices

Alright! let’s do it…

1 – Modify BIOS setting

We need to set BIOS to make it like a Macintosh.

  • Disable floppy disk

Mac OS X and PC installing

  • Temporary disable  C1E/C2E/C4E of CPU, We will enable them after installing Kext fully later

Mac OS X run on PC

  • Mac only use AHCI, so we should make this setting for SATA gates. You can enable USB support for Keyboard and mouse. Mac does not support PS/2, so it is better if we use keyboard and mouse via USB connection.

Install mac os x on Destop

  • Enable HPET (High Precision Event Timer) if possible and set back to 32bit. Otherwise, if you are gonna run Kernel of Mac at 64bit mode, you set HPET to 64bit.

install Mac OS X on Intel and HMD Cpu PC

  • Depends on particular mainboard, you might need to take these orders: If your CPU supports VT-d – disable it, If your system has CFG-Lock – disable it, If your system has Secure Boot Mode – disable it, Set OS Type to Other OS.
  • Save and exit.

2 – Restart PC with EFI environment

You now can insert the EFI DVD and boot until the screen shows such the picture below.

Restart PC with EFI environment

You absolutely can use different versions of EFI. For example, with Mainboard P55, you can use Tonymacx86. In the rage of this article, I use Empire EFI, the most famous one which support P55, ATI VGA and older line of CPU & AMD.

3 – Boot Mac OS X installing DVD

You now take off the EFI DVD, insert Mac OS X installing DVD. And then wait for 20 seconds (this is very important) and press the F5. When Mac OS X install DVD is an available option to boot on the screen, choose it and boot.

Boot Mac OS X on PC

Next, after loading all default kext, press Enter to load kernel. After this action, if you see the welcome screen of Mac OS X Installation, you have done the Step 3 successfully. If not, look back EFI DVD or change to another version.

setup Mac OS X on Pc

4 – Divide and format Mac OS X partition

After install Mac OS X screen appears, you now need to divide and format Partition for Mac OS X. Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard still supports both MBR and GPT, but Mac OS X 10.6 and newer move to use only GPT. Whatever, MBR or GPT does not affect on system files.

Partition for Mac OS X on PC


Almost PC HarDrive is set in standard MBR even GPT seems to show more advanced features. That is why Windows supports GPT recently, but has moved totally yet. Another reason is Partitioners (Acronis Disk Director and Partition Magic) just support MBR.

To divide partition and format hard disk, you access Disk Utility in Utilities Menu.

Partition PC HDD for Mac OS X installing

Notice: that format in GPT standard will delete completely your entire HDD which is in MBR partition. If you don’t have a Data backup solution yet, you should use another HDD for installing Snow leopard, otherwise, you could find and download modified Mac OS X which support MBR already. And in the case of you use MBR Snow Leopard, after dividing and format HFS+, remember to use Acronis Disk Director to set that Partition into Primary Active to make it able for installing.

This is the instruction for GPT: Click on HDD you wanna install, go to Partition. Choose the number of partitions you wanna create. Click on Option and choose GUID Partition Table (GPT). Fill the name for each partition, choose Mac OS Extended (Journaled) format or HFS+ for installing partition. Finally click on Apply.

Install Mac OS X on Pc tutorial


5 – Install and startup Mac OS X for the first time


Install Snow leopard on PC

Before clicking on Install button, we should customize some settings:

Install Mac on pc

After 20 minutes or longer, Mac OS X installing is completed and the PC will reboot. You now still need to insert the EFI DVD to boot (cause: there has not been bootloader in HDD). Choose partition you have just installed Snow Leopard and Continue. At this step, some PCs can’t boot or frozen with the notification of “kernel panic”. You can only use CPUs =1 to continue. After that, you can boot to Mac OS X normally.

Startup Mac OS X for the first time on PC:


We need to turn off Computer Sleep (to avoid troubles in further steps): open System Preferences located on the dock, go to Energy Saver:

Mac OS X runs well on PC

6 – Install bootloader, kext basically

We now install Bootloader and basic kext of the system. Go to Empire EFI > Extra/Post-Installation and run myHack. This software will install Chameleon 2.0 RC3, PC EFI 10.5, FakeSMC v2, lspci, pfix v2.1.1 that you can boot to Mac OS X without EFI DVD.

bootloader and kext installing on PC

If you are asked to restart your PC, don dot hat yet. It’s time to install Chameleon 2 RC4. Insert an USB including the Chameleon 2 RC4 downloaded. Extract and copy Chameleon folder into the desktop.

Next, find the Extra folder in Root folder in Partition installed Snow Leopard, copy all files in Chameleon/Optional Extras:

PC mac os x installing 1
Run terminal (/Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app) and type these commands:

sudo -s (enter password when you created user account to move to super user).
cd Desktop/Chameleon/i386
diskutil list (list of HDDs on PC – remember the name of partition installed Mac OS X. in my PC For example disk0 -Disk,  disk0s2 – Partition).
fdisk -f boot0 -u -y /dev/rdisk0 (write master boot record for disk).
dd if=boot1h of=/dev/rdisk0s2 (write boot sector for partition).
cp boot / (copy file boot into root root).

Mac-OSX-Install-on PC
You now can restart PC without EFI DVD
Mac-OSX on PC

7 – Install and comunicate all devices

How to recognize VGA after install Mac OS X on PC?

Run OSX86 tools, choose add EFI strings. Choose GFX strings (if your VGA is not in the list of available VGA, choose Custom Graphics Card. Then fill the name, select the data capacity, connection gate, and then “Import String to Boot Editor” and “Apply changes to com.apple.Boot.plist”

Notice: OSX86 tool is written for Leopard 10.5.

Mac OS X on PC



After restarting, the VGA should be recognized.

How to recognize Sound and Ethernet after install Mac OS X on PC?

recognize Ethernet after install Mac OS X on PC

The Ethernet of EP45-UD3L mainboard is Realtek 8169. It is supported by Apple, so I can run without any mediations. You can check by going to System Preferences > Network, checking Mac address and IP if they are generated right. If you are using a strange Ethernet, you can find kext on Downloads – Kexts.com and see the instructions in LAN and Wireless at InsanelyMac.

Sound card 123

My Sound card is Realtek ALC888. It has not worked yet. Now I need to install VoodooHDA. Extract VoodooHDA downloaded, copy VoodooHDA.kext into /System/Library/Extensions/ then run terminal for these 2 commands below to modify permission of kext.

sudo chmod -R 775 /System/Library/Extensions/VoodooHDA.kext
sudo chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions/VoodooHDA.kext

sound card 124

You now restart your PC then check if the Sound card works (System Preferences -> Sound). If it works, install panel by double click on VoodooHDA.prefpane. And a new panel will be located in System Preferences.

Sound card mac in Mac OS X 0 Sound card mac in Mac OS X 1 Sound card mac in Mac OS X 2

We are done! some of you will get troubles. Leave a comment for helps.

We have just updated a newest solution to install Mac OS X on PC buy using Multibeast instead of Chameleon and Empire EFI in this topic: Install and Run Mac OS X Yosemite on Intel AMD Desktop PC – Hackintosh


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