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Solve issues, errors, stucks mostly faced in Hackintosh

Hackintosh issues solutionHackintosh is a patient job since it generates too many kind of problems, issues, stuck and errors that you might not know how to solve and fix in minutes. In this article, I provide solutions for almost common problems which you are likely faced during installing.

I am quite expertly in Hackintosh after a long time referring from variety of external sources and direct experiencing and helping other Hackintosh users. All blow are my knowledge, if you have any suggestion and ideas supposed to be helpful, please make comments at the end of the article.


  • Right way to Uninstall Kexts Using Single User Mode, Install Error loop at account creation, make Bootable USB.
  • Mac App Store error,iMessage login problem, boot0 Error, Mach Reboot, PS2 Mouse & Keyboard issue.
  • Installation, Kernel Panic Issue: Hanging at 1 Minute Left, AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement, AppleIntelHDGraphics, AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB, com.apple.GeForce; com.apple.NVDAResman.
  • Get Stuck: Apple logo solve, Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport, IOBluetoothHCIController, PCI Configuration Beginning, “Waiting for root device”.
  • Infinite restart loop, lan-Freeze issue, Crashing When Opening (usb).
  • P-State Stepper Error 18 at step 2 on CPU X Possible Solution.
  • FakeSMC: [Fatal] failed to initialize SMC device – fix.

Hackintosh issues solutions copy

These above are all my experiences to solve and fix completely all common mistakes, errors, errors, problems and stucks during Hackintosh installing. Hopefully it would help!

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