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Solve common problem, error, frozen stuck in Jailbreaking

Fix Jailbreak problems

It is so cool to enjoy a jailbroken iPhone, but really sucked if you get it failed or face any problems, errors, troubles and frozen stuck during jailbreaking processes. How to fix and solve all common iOS 8.4 jailbreaking problems? Look at our solutions below.

Jailbreaking becomes more common and easier. Just a few steps with Jailbreak tools, you can get your iPhone jailbroken quickly. You may want to look at: Jailbreak iOS 8.0.x -> 8.4 successfully in Window and Mac OS X. However, People get failed by many reasons.

We will carefully look at specific points corresponding to particular Jailbreak tools such as Tag, Panguevasi0n later because whatever errors you encountered, there are essential solutions that you need to check and do again.

I, Common solutions work on all Jailbreak tools used

Double check if you did not meet these conditions:

Stable connection between iPhone and PC

Make sure your iPhone is plugged and connected to PC in a stable context. There are no movements during jailbreaking processes. And of course iTunes recognizes your device.

Backup your Device to iCloud or iTunes, Clean Reinstall iOS, Jailbreak, and Restore

This should be one of the best effective tips. True, it’s a bit more time consuming to have to back up your entire device, restore to a stock iOS 8.3 or 8.4, jailbreak, and then restore all of your data, but it makes a difference.

For one, I noticed a huge difference in the time it took to jailbreak with a fresh clean install of iOS 8.4 versus one with tons of apps, photos and data. This is definitely recommend, and either iCloud backup or iTunes backup will work.

Once you have backed up, restore your device to a fresh install of iOS 8.3/8.4, and then follow one of our jailbreak utilities. This will probably solve the majority of issues.

The Passcode is Disabled

That enable Passcode will interrupt the jailbreaking processes. Make sure you disable it.

Free Up Storage Space On Your Device

Go to Setting > General > Usage to see if your device still has sufficient free storage. I recommend that you should have at least a couple of GBs of extra space free on your device before you take the plunge.

Turn Off Touch ID And Passcode

Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode. And then Turn it off.

Turn off Auto-sleep display

Go to Settings→General→AutoLock

Reset all Settings in iOS

I mean you can reset all setting in iOS and then attempt to jailbreak again. To reset: tab Settings > General > Reset > and tab Reset All Settings.

Launch jailbreak tool as Adminstrator in Window

Trust me, your Window system become complicated since you customize it somehow. Make sure you run Jailbreak tool as administrator:


Reboot PC, restart your iPhone, unplug and replug

This is another simple recommendation, but I have seen it works on many others. Actually, a few have personally told me that a reboot worked.

II, Solve and fix TaiG iOS 8.4, iOS 8.3 Jailbreak Most Common stuck

1, Solution to solve some common -10xx errors when Jailbreak with TaiG:

-1001: device disconnected – Check the connection.
-1002: device with passcode on – You need to turn-off passcode.
-1101,1102: (jailbreak gets frozen stuck at 20%) – Remove iTunes 12.1 completely and install iTunes 12.0.1 then do again. If the problem remains the same, install iTunesDriver then JB again. Download iTunesDriver tại here.
– Injecting: (Jailbreak gets frozen Stuck at 60%) – Reboot both your iOS device and your Windows machine. Then launch TaiG jailbreak tool by right-clicking on the TaiG exe file and clicking on “Run as Administrator”. If the jailbreak process still gets stuck, then you can also try to hard restart your device by pressing both the Home and the Sleep/Wake button simultaneously till the screen goes blank and see the Apple logo again. TaiG may start working again, and jailbreak your device.
-1103: program data corrupted – (Jailbreak is frozen at 30%) – use another PC or change USB port.
-1104: ( Jailbreak is frozen and get stuck at 40%) – use another PC or change USB port.
-1005: Find My iPhone turned on – Turn-off Find My iPhone.
-1006: jailbroken device – You did jailbreak successfully, don’t need to do again.
-1007: device not activated – The device is not activated yet, activate and then jailbreak.

2, Other errors – Solutions:

– Apple Driver not found error: download and install iTunes”, then try to install iTunes 12.1.2 for Windows (64-bit – for older video cards) from this link. Install as you would do normally. It should not affect your iTunes Library.
– Solve App Store Updates, Settings Crash Issue: Detailed guide to fix this is posted here: TaiG iOS 8.3 Jailbreak: Fix App Store Updates, Settings Crash Issue.
– App icons disappearing issue: If you’ve jailbroken your iOS device using TaiG 2.0.0 Jailbreak tool, then you should install the latest TaiG 8.1.3-8.x Untether package from Cydia, which includes a fix for the app disappearing issue. You should get an “Essential Upgrade” popup when you launch Cydia, tap on Complete Upgrade to install the latest jailbreak packages.
– Solve Error when installing iTunes 12.1.2 in VMWare fusion:  If you have Windows installed as VM in Parallels on OS X you may get error when installing iTunes 12.1.2. You can fix it by trying to reinstall Parallels Tools and then try to install iTunes 12.0.1 again.
We will continue compile more tips and solutions in this post…

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