Solve and download if Apps get stuck on Waiting… in iOS on iPhone, iPad

It is normal if sometimes we need to wait for a while to either download or update apps in iOS on iPhone and iPad. However, in some circumstances, you are not even be patient since “waiting…” status remains constantly and apps seems to will not be downloaded or updated. We have some useful information that can help to get rid of this damn situation.

Apps get stuck on Waiting...

Firstly, I would assume two potential aspects that cause the “waiting… situation” are internet connection quality and the usage on your iPhone or iPad.

No matter you are on 3G/LTE or WiFi network, Apps can not be downloaded quickly if you are using a very low internet connection. Beside, Apps not be downloaded or updated if you don’t have sufficient free space on iPhone or iPad to storage the Apps.

Apple server actually gets down suddenly a few times a month, so be patient and wait for a couple of minutes before taking our following suggestions.

What should do to download Apps that get stuck on “Waiting…”?

  • You should Disable and then Enable AirPlane (using 3G/LTE) Mode or Turn off WiFi then Turn it on (Setting > WiFi) to reconnect to the WiFi network.
  • Go to to General > Usage to check if you still have sufficient free space on iPhone or iPad to storage the Apps.
  • The simple way you should try is making a single tab to pause the downloading process, and then tab to re-download or update the app again.
  • If you are on the iTunes with iPhone or iPad, you can see stuck app downloads in iTunes -> more -> downloads. Delete all the downloads which is still in progress and then attempt to download again.
  • Delete the waiting apps (tab and hold the Apps icon on screen until they shake > tab “x” icon at the top-left conner) then re-download them again.
  • The last suggestion is: From the iPhone or iPad screen > SettingiTunes & App Stores > Sign Out your Apple ID > Restart your device > Go back iTunes & App Stores to sign-in your Apple ID again.

Resume stuck downloads on iPhone, iPad