Home iOS Share and send photos, files between Mac OS X and iOS devices [How]

Share and send photos, files between Mac OS X and iOS devices [How]

How To Share and send Photos, files Between OS and Mac OS X devices How to:

  • Send an iPhone photo to another iPhone, iPad?
  • Transfer and share a photo or file from iPhone to OS X devices such as Macbook Pro, Macbook air and iMac?

Look at our Airdrop instruction to see how easy to Share and send photos, files between Mac OS X and iOS devices.

AirDrop – The best solution for sharing files: photo, music, movie… among Apple devices

AirDrop is an essential feature provided to iOS 7,8,9 and Mac OS X Yosemite and El Capitan. It integrates all Apple devices in sharing files, content through wifi and bluetooth connection.

With AirDrop, mac user are able to share photos, videos, websites, locations, and more with people nearby with an Apple device.

AirDrop using requirements:

To send files among OS X and iOS devices using AirDrop, both sender and receiver need to use iOS 7 or later and OS X Yosemite or El Capitan. You also need to turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. If you want to share with your contacts, sign in to your iCloud account. And of course, Wi-Fi and bluetooth must be enabled.

How to turn on AirDrop on Apple devices?

Turn on AirDrop on iOS devices: iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

From Control Center, you can easily turn on or turn off AirDrop:

How to turn on, turn off aridrop in IOS

  1. Access Control Center Panel by swiping up from the bottom on the screen.
  2. Press AirDrop.
  3. You can choose one of these:
    • choose – Off: Turns off AirDrop.
    • choose Contacts Only: That means only your contacts are able to see your device.
    • Everyone: every one can see your iOS device.
    • You better turn off Personal Hotspot.
    • Done!

Enable AirDrop in Mac OS X El Capitan and Yosemite

Turn on AirDrop in Mac OS X Capitan

From Finder window, AirDrop icon is really visible at the left side. You can set AirDrop to Contacts or Everyone.

How to send, transfer or share iPhone photos to another iPhone, iPad and Macbook?

Not only photos, with AirDrop, you can share variety of content from apps: Safari, Contacts, …

  • Step 1:

Share photo between iphones

  • Step 2:

Share Photos between iPhonesYou now can choose the name of the iOS or Macbook device you want to send and share the photos or files.

In the case you made “sharing Contacts Only”, you can’t find a nearby user, check that both of you are signed in to an iCloud account and you might need to consider setting AirDrop to Everyone.

The receiver will see AirDrop Confirmation with Decline or Accept option.

How to share files with AirDrop in Mac OS X?

with using AirDrop, you can quickly send a photo, a mp3 song, a movie from your Macbook (OS X) to another iPhone, iPad or any another Macbook.

  • Share files in Mac OS X El capitan with AirdropRight mouse on file, choosing Share.
  • In submenu, choose AirDrop sharing method.
  • Select the Person name (iPhone, iPad or another Macbook) you want to share content.
  • The receiver will be able to choose Accept or Decline at Confirmation dialog.
  • Click Done and you finish.

Another way to share files and data from MacBook is Drag and Drop files into Airdrop window from Finder.

It turns to very easy and quickly using AirDrop to share, send and transfer files including Photo, music, movie and content from apps such as Safari, Contacts, … between iOS and OS X devices.

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