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How to resize multiple images at once in Mac OS X El Capitan

resize multiple images at once in Mac

This topic is not about how to resize photo, it will show the best solution for how to resize multiple images in Mac OS X El Capitan. Does that you can resize multiple images means the obvious possibility of resize a single image?

Resize multiple images with Preview in Mac OS X El Capitan

Preview is an available image editor utility of Mac OS X system. This app has basic functions including resize tool. It’s so easy and simple to resize multiple photos with Preview through 5 steps:

  • Locate the Folder of all images you need to resize.
  • Hight all the targeted images, opening in Preview app by right-mouse and select “Open With Preview”.

Resize Multiple photos At Once on Mac

  • Move to “Edit” choosing “Select All”.
  • From Tools, select “Adjust Size…”.
  • Choose the size you desire.

Resize Multiple images At Once on Mac

All’s done! targeted photos will be resized quickly in seconds.

Resize multiple photos in Mac OS X with other photo editor applications.

There are many useful apps that help resize many images at once for Mac OS X. These below are the most common ones.


PhotoBulk free downloadPhotoBulk is an powerful images, pictures editor for Mac OS X. It let mac users add texts, optimize, rename and resize multiple images or pictures at once by just one click.

How to resize multiple photos with PhotoBulk in Mac OS X?

From the interface, PhotoBulk shows really visual functions. Just drag all images into the frame, choose the desired setting and then just one more click.

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PhotoBulk free download

[su_button url=”http://macbold.com/go/PhotoBulk” target=”blank” background=”#008000″ color=”#FFFFFF” text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #FFFFFF”]PhotoBulk 1.5 full free download[/su_button]


iResizer free downloadiResizer is an image editor for fitting images into any size without cropping, terminating objects, changing photo aspect ratio,… in Mac OS X. With iResizer, images, pictures and photos can be resized without distortion.

How to resize images with iResizer?

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iResizer free download

[su_button url=”http://macbold.com/go/iResizer” target=”blank” background=”#008000″ color=”#FFFFFF” text_shadow=”0px 0px 0px #FFFFFF”]Mac iResizer 2.5 full free download[/su_button]

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