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How to resize Bootcamp Partition under Mac OS X El Capitan, Sierra

El Capitan Resize Bootcamp Partition

In the following instruction, we show 3 ways to resize (downsize or upsize-increase) Bootcamp partition under Mac OS X all versions including El Capitan and MacOS Sierra without deleting or formatting it.

Without using effective softwares in Mac OS X, to rearrange space ratio between Bootcamp and Mac OS X partition, we need to use Disk Utility to delete the Bootcamp partition, and then recreate it with new desired size. In order to keep all existing Data from Windows partition, backup and restore processes take not just a few hours.

The following is the list of 3 powerful softwares, which is really helpful to either increase or decrease Bootcamp size in minutes without unexpected troubles such risks of loosing data.

1. Resize Bootcamp Partition using Camptune X

reszie bootcamp using camptune x

Camptune X is the best app to rearranges space between NTFS and HFS volumes with ease. It supports all Mac OS X versions including El Capitan.

From Camptune panel, it’s so simple to either upsize or downsize Bootcamp volume in 2 steps: Set the desired partition size by just moving the partition boundaries, then click on Continue button to perform the operation.

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2. Increase or Decrease Bootcamp Volume using iPartition

iPartition is a smart hard disk partitioning utility designed by Coriolis Systems. Not only resizing, iPartition is so helpful to create, destroy, resize or format partitions on your hard disks. Like Paragon Camptune X, to increase or decrease Bootcamp volume, just select a the partition and drag the slider to resize it. The latest iPartition 3.5 supports El Capitan already.

resize bootcamp using iPartition

3. Up-down size Bootcamp using Winclone

Winclone allows mac users to resize their Bootcamp partition. This process consists of the following steps (Backup and Formatting volume are needed):

  • Shrinking the size of the current bootcamp partition
  • Create an image of the current bootcamp partition
  • Remove the current partition
  • Create a new partition with a new desired size
  • Restoring the Winclone image

My personal Experiences

I firstly tried iPartition, but It got crashed and was being frozen during the process with my 6TB Raid Drive. I finally switch to Paragon Camptune X, and it works fine. Hopefully the article would help to solve your case.

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