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Optimize iOS setting to save battery life on iPhone 6S

iphone battery optimizationUse your iPhone in a right ways, you can keep it’s battery life last longer than expected. In this writing, we show you tips to Optimize iOS setting and save amazingly battery life on iPhone 6S.

We have just updated a newer topic and provide much more useful solution to Speed up iPhone 6S here: Speed up iPhone 6S and improve it’s  battery life.

If you are facing and bearing iPhone battery problems such as it runs out quickly, do not blame Apple yet. You might be not using your iPhone in an optimized iOS setting that could make your iPhone use less power constantly.

Our share does not help to save just a few minutes extra, follow our tips and tricks bellow you save even hours using time a day. It will turns to brilliant and thing like a charm.

iOS 9 seems to be provided with Low Power Mode, however, to dick deeply, there are totally 34 tricks to maximize your iPhone Battery life. You might want to look at our particular tips and tricks to iOS 9 – Maximize, improve and save iPhone Battery Life in iOS 9

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