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NTFS Yosemite – Enable Read and Write NTFS in Mac OS X 10.10

NTFS-YosemiteNTFS Yosemite – The following tutorial will give an doable instruction to enable Read and Write access to NTFS Drivers in Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

I still be loyal to Yosemite even Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan is released officially due to too many reasons. Too many others may do the same as me. The thing is Apple never build NTFS Support in Mac OS by defaults. Paying for a commercial mac NTFS driver seems to be quick, but money need to be out of pocket. God blessing, there still some Free solutions to access to NTFS driver as normal.

The best commercial NTFS software

There are only 2 Paid NTFS drivers in the market: Paragon NTFS 14 or Tuxera NTFS 2015. For the one who access to NTFS drivers too much, we suppose Paragon is the better choice since it comes with cheaper price for license, works more effectively relative to Tuxera, and offers 30-day-money back guarantee. Go to Paragon discount page (coupon is added) to get 30% OFF.

FREE solution to enable NTFS support in Yosemite

In this section, I am gonna introduce how to install NTFS-3G into Mac OS X Yosemite in steps

Solution 1: Installing NTFS-3G

  1. Download and ins tall FUSE for OS X
Make sure "MacFUSE Compatibility Layer" option is checked during isntalling
Make sure “MacFUSE Compatibility Layer” option is checked during installing

2. Download and Install NTFS-3G

[sdm_download id=”8093″ fancy=”1″]

NTFS Yosemite solution

There is another way to install NTFS-3G quicker by using command lines through Terminal (found in /Applications/Utilities/). Look at here for the instruction.

After getting installation finished, reboot your Mac, you then may see some errors related to your hard drives. Technically, this means that NTFS-3G is working correctly and it’s possible to access to NTFS drivers already. To avoid any kind of issues, you should install fuse-wait.

3. Download and install fuse-wait

Install-fuse-waitCongrats! the NTFS read/write support is enabled and you must be able to access to NTFS drivers (USB or External HDD in NTFS format) now.

In the case you decide using a paid NTFS software such as Paragon NTFS for higher performance because you always access and transfer a big number of files and huge data from NTFS driver, you may want to take a look here too see how to uninstall NTFS-3G completely.

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