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Maximize, improve and save iPhone 6S Battery Life in iOS 9

Save iOS 9 battery lifeIn this article, we show optimized iOS setting and some tips & tricks to maximize, save and improve iPhone 6S battery life in iOS 9.

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iOS 9 is being released officially soon. Surely, there are many new features and functions. One of typical thing related to this topic is Low Power Mode. However, we still need to utilize many more tips to save your iPhone 6s battery effectively.

Tips and Tricks to save and improve iPhone 6S battery in iOS 9

These tricks below were examined in exact iOS 9, some is very familiar since you have seen in many other sources to save battery life in iOS 6, iOS 7, and iOS 8. You might find something very useful in our another topic – Optimize iOS setting to save battery life on iPhone

1, Enable Low Power Mode to maximize iPhone battery life

optimize iPhone battery with Low Power Mode


Turning on Low Power Mode will reduce animations throughout the system, decrease the time before the screen darkens and generally make every effort to eke out your battery life for a little longer.

This function will be enable automatically at 20 percent and 10 percent battery remaining.

However, you can manually switch it on by Settings > Battery and switching on Low Power Mode.


2, Turn Off Apps which consume much Power

iOS 9 especially comes with function that shows details of the last few hours of battery usage, as well as how long apps have been open. Settings > Battery and scroll down.

iOS 9 App battery using

3, Stop particular app from using up cellular data

Cellular Data using (2G or 3G) potentially harms your iPhone battery. The battery life is ran out more quickly if there are more app running on a cellular connection.

iOS Battery save with cellular data manageTo access Use Cellular Data For, Go to Settings > Cellular. You can choose the minimal number of necessary apps able to use Cellular Data. They will use Internet connection through wifi when possible.

4, Manage Background App Refresh

Background App Refresh enable Apps from being Fresh automatically. It takes a lot of power of course.

Manage Background App Refresh to maximize battery life in iOS 9

To modify this setting: Settings > General > Background App Refresh. You now can decide which apps that you want to update in the background.

5, Disable auto-brightness

Some might think Auto-Brightness would help to save iPhone battery life, but I suppose that it harms your eyes more than makes your battery last longer.

auto-brightness does not improve iphone battery life

You should disable auto-brightness and modify manually by going to Settings > Display & Brightness.

6, Decrease the auto-lock period

The less your screen displays, the less battery using. Auto-Lock Period reducing obviously save your iPhone Battery Life.

Decrease Auto-Lock Period to save iphone battery life in iOS 9

Tab Settings > General > Auto-Lock, and then set the period of time.

7, Mange notifications would improve iPhone 6S battery life

Notifications actually does not bring battery drainage, but simply activating the backlit display will. Notifications make iPhone able to let you know of what are news on Applications: such as new emails, text messages, reminders,…

To manage Notifications Settings > Notifications:

Notifications adjust improve iPhone battery life

8, Disable automatic app updates – improve iPhone 6S battery life

in iOS 9, apps and music will be updated automatically in the background. That consumes Cellular Data, one of the causes that needs a lot of power. Therefore, this function should be restricted.

Disable automatic app updates to improve iphone battery life

To manage Automatic app updates, tab Settings > iTunes & App Store. Once you’re signed in, then turn off the Updates, Apps, Music, and Books settings.

9, Switch Off functions if unnecessary

Like older iOS (iOS 7, iOS 8,…) there are many functions that you might not need to use all the time while their activations eat your battery constantly. Why don’t you turn them off and turn them on when needed.
– Disable fitness tracking in iOS 9: Settings > Privacy > Motion & Fitness.
– Disable Handoff Apps: Settings > General > Handoff & Suggested Apps.
– Limit LTE Connectivity: Settings > Cellular > Enable LTE and choose Data Only.

– Turn Off AirDrop.
– Why don’t you Turn Off Wi-fi and Bluetooth unless when you need them.

Swipe up from your home screen to bring up the Control Center.
Swipe up from your home screen to bring up the Control Center.

– Enable “Airplane Mode” when you are on a plan or in a remote area without signals.

10, Disable unnecessary iCloud Apps

iCloud syncs your iPhone and other Apple device and keep Data safe. However, you do not need to sync all items regularly. You can manually disable some particular items such as Safari or Notes,…Tab Settings > iCloud:

Disable unnecessary iCloud apps to keep iPhone battery life longer

11, Disable Location services – essential tips to save battery life

That enable Location service is really important for some functions in iOS 9 such as “Find My iPhone”. You should limit the number of Apps using Location Services.

Tab Settings > Privacy > Location Services, and at your choice.

Disable location services to save iPhone battery life


12, Adjust Wi-Fi calling

Wi-Fi calling make you able to call others using internet Wi-Fi connection rather than through a traditional cell tower. The Wi-Fi chip works, the power consume occurs. To Enable or Disable, tab Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calling.

Disable Wifi-calling to save battery

There should have some other careful using that may helps to prolong the battery: less play game and watch movie or do not let your iPhone get too warm…

These above are essential tips and tricks that helps to maximize, improve and save your iPhone 6S battery life in iOS 9. Cheers!

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