Tip to make phone call using Jabra Freeway paired with iPhone via bluetooth

This very common Bluetooth device, Jabra Freeway, can be used to pair with iPhone through bluetooth connection for convenient receiving calls in special context such as driving your car. However, it seems to unable to make a phone call since Jabra is not designed to recognize your contact numbers. That could be right on other phone brand devices, but not iPhone because of Siri.

make phone call via Jabra Freeway paired with iPhone

This tip is for native English speaker only of course 🙂

  • Touch the “Voice” at the top-right or on Jabra freeway.
  • Once you hear “phone commands” from the device, Siri or iPhone’s “Voice control” will be opened automatically.
  • And now you can say “Call My Wife” or any one you remember the name in your contact list.

Be noticed of that Siri needs internet connection to work, but the Voice Control does not.

This is one of reasons indicates that why should we use an iPhone rather then any other phone brand. Cheers!