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Mac OS X: Master Time Machine Backups in El Capitan – tips

El Capitan - Time Machine Backups in OS X

Time Machine is a best solution to back up and restore data and files in Mac OS X. How to get used to take advantage from and master Time Machine Backups in El Capitan, Yosemite? Look at our tips today.You might know that Time Machine is OS X’s built-in backup software. This utility was fist introduced in OS X 10.5, and it is provided constantly in Mavericks, Yosemite and El Capitan.

How to get used to master Time Machine Backup in OS X El Capitan?

Utilize Time Machine in OS X should be easy, and you are not expert because you have not tried your self yet.

  • Access System Preferences > Select Time Machine

access time machine in OS X Capitan

  • You now are able to Turn the Time Machine slider slider On, stick on “Show Time Machine in menu bar” and then Click Select Backup Disk to choose the connected external hard drive that you plan on assigning to Time Machine. After that you will be able to click on “Use Disk” button.

how to master time machine in os x

  • Time Machine then formats the hard drive for backups. It will start your first backup within couple of minute. The first backup should take quite long time since there are too many processes copying all your data (files, photos, movies,…).

After fist completed backup, the backups processes will occur automatically in the background on the Mac once external Time Machine hard drive is connected to the Mac. Of course that is very visible and by 1 click, the process is paused or even stopped.

time machine OS X tip

How to restore OS X El Capitan via Time Machine backup

Restoring your whole OS X System from a backup file created by Time Machine Backup becomes very simple now.

Access Time Machine > from Time Machine window, navigate to choose the backup file you want to restore > Click on Restore button.

How to restore os x capitan with time machine

The most common problem mac users face when using Time Machine is that it gets stuck, be frozen ad stops working at Preparing Backup process. How to solve this problem? Look at – Fix Time Machine gets frozen, stop working at “Preparing Backup” step.

With simple tips above, you know should know how to master and setup Time Machine Backup – Restore. You should not ignore this solution to keep your data safe. Cheers!

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