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Mac Office 2016 Tips for saving a lot of time

Getting expert in using a newer version of Microsoft Office takes a too many days. Especially, Mac Office 2016 comes with plenty of new features. We summary in this topic some essential tips in order to save a lot of your time working with Microsoft Office 2016 on Mac.

Mac Office 2016 Tips

Microsoft officially released Mac Office 2016 after series of beta versions started in March 2015. Microsoft Office 2016 has impressed improvements of interface (which is optimal to Retina Display) relative to Office 2011.

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1. Always Save

Always hit the Command-S.

Mac Office 2016 - always save

This is the most necessary one in Mac Office 2016 tips we want to advise. Remember that you can not use the Auto Save in Office 2016 except OneNote. Therefore please hit Command-S frequently if you do not want to loose your work accidentally somehow.

2. Convenient function of Storing your files in OneDrive or SharePoint

OneDrive is just a service like iCloud Drive.

Office 2016 tip with OneDrive and SharePoint

You can actually access and open your files conveniently from anywhere by using Office 2016’s built-in function of Storing your files in OneDrive or SharePoint.

How to do? From the Save dialox box, you just click on the Online Locations button in the lower-left corner. You then are able to choose existing accounts from the list or add for other locations.

3. Share The Documents Quickly By Just One Click

With Mac Office 2016, sharing your documents becomes so easy.

Share documents tip office 2016

It is so visible to see in upper-right corner the silhouette icon. This make you able to invite the others share the document: collaborate, copy a public link, or send the document as an email attachment. However, the file must be uploaded to the iCloud first.

4. Tip for Jumping Around With Document Navigation

Utilizing the Navigation pane really makes it easily to travel around complex documents.

Jumping around documents tip

How to view the Navigation pane? From the Office Window, move to View > then Sidebar > then Navigation. You now can click on an item in the list to jump directly to that section of your document. Interestingly, the Navigation pane actually tracks the location of the document you modify, highlighting the section you’re currently working on.

5. AutoCorrect – Saving Time Tip

This function is so cool because users can speed up their typing tasks using AutoCorrect.

Office 2016 - autocorrect tip

We sometimes make variety of spelling mistake even on the same word. If you often misspell the same words, how to them to your AutoCorrect dictionary?

Firstly go to Tools > then AutoCorrect, and then you are able to add entries to automatically fix your terrible typing habits. There is another way by using Word’s automatic spellcheck. Control-Click a misspelled word, and use the context menu to add its replacement to AutoCorrect. It sounds quite complicated, but do it and you see how useful for using AutoCorrect function in Office 2016.

6. Make Your Presentation Cool Using Presenter View

In Mac Office 2016, Your presentations will be flawless with PowerPoint’s new Presenter view. Look at the picture below.

presentation view in mac office 2016
Mac Office 2016 tips

Users can view the current slide, next slide, and a scrollable thumbnail view of your entire PowerPoint deck. Beside, Clock and timer functions will keep user on pace, and your notes for each slide are easily readable, and therefore user won’t miss any important points along the way. This is so cool.

7. Mac Office 2016 tips – Universal Excel shortcuts

Now in this Office 2016, almost all Excel shortcuts able in Windows is now doable on Mac.

Universal Excel shortcuts Tip

For all available Shortcuts, check it out here.

8. Save Time with Formula Builder

Who can say Spreadsheets are not great for crunching data? However writing just the right formula can be a process of trial and error.

Save time with Formula Builder

Formula Builder is so helpful to the users who aren’t up to speed on Excel’s syntax. Pressing Shift + F3 summons the new Formula Builder, giving you point-and-click access to even the most complex Excel formulas. Just find the best way to accomplish the tasks your-self. There should have too many other Mac Office 2016 tips, please share your own to help the community by leaving a comment below. Cheers!

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