Home Reviews Mac Office 2016 review – 10 new features really make you want to upgrade

Mac Office 2016 review – 10 new features really make you want to upgrade

Mac Office 2016 review
Mac Office 2016 review

Office 2016 for Mac is now available and compatible to all newest OS X versions including El Capitan. In this review, we make a list of top ten new features to explain why you should upgrade to this new software.

1. Redesigned ribbon

The ribbon tabs at the top of Excel, Power Point or Word are better organized than the previous versions (Office 2011). Moreover, they are very similar to the one on PC.

ribbon in mac office 2016

2. Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

This new feature controls shortcuts like Control + S for save now work on mac too. And do not worry if you prefer using Command + S, those still work.

3. Cloud Connected

Cloud Connected

By using this new features, you can open and save documents stored in the cloud. I do love  cloud locations in the Open.

If you need to add a new location, click the Plus (+) sign, then those either one drive account or a SharePoint site then Login with your Office 365 for Microsoft account. Once Location is added, browse through your folders and get to work.

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4. Sharing

Share feature in Mac Office 2016

Office for Mac in 2016 version is designed for teamwork. The new Share button stands at the top-right conner. We can invite people and set if they can edit.

5. Threaded Comments

Threaded Comments

How threaded comments in Power Point and Word work and word? Just click on Reply button then type your apply, but be sure to check back later because you may not want to miss out on the conversation.

6. The Design Tab

Design Tab

The new Design tab in Power Point gives you great selection presentation beans invariant. Pick the theme first, then refine it with a variant until you get the exact look you desire.

7. PivotTable Slicers

PivotTable Slicers

PivotTable Slicers is great for the one who uses Excel frequently. Click inside a large pivot table —> the Insert tab, click on Slicer and then choose the fields you want to Slicer by. This helps you discover patterns in large volumes of data.

8. OneNote


You get OneNote when you download and install Office 2016 for Mac. This new feature is freaking great for taking note and getting organized.

insert audio

I personally do like a cool function to insert audio that you can record your self or someone speaking. If you want to add a bookmark in an important moment.

Add a bookmark


9. Propose New Time

Propose New Time

If you have used Mac Outlook for a while, you should know that this handy option is available for exchange account. Now you can efficiently propose another meeting time that works for you.

10. Designed for Mac

Designed for Mac

Of course, the most important reason make me to upgrade to Office 2016 is it’s designed for Mac. It supports full screen view and you can use gestures on your trackpad spread to zoom in pinch your fingers to zoom out.

After our review, now you should realize there’s a lot to love in the new Office 2016 for Mac.


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Larry Smith
Larry Smith
5 years ago

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