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Mac Music Binder Pro 3.5 Full Crack by TNT – Free download

Music Binder Pro 3 Crack

Download Mac Music Binder Pro 3.5 Fully activated (Cracked and re-packed by TNT Team) – a music sheets organizer and Music Player designed for live performance on Mac.

This is a software that organizes music sheets and designed for live performances.

Basic features of this application include:

  • Supports ChordPro files and PDF
  • Quickly sorts songs by the name of artist or title
  • Transpose (only for ChordPro files)
  • Embedded ChordPro editor
  • Can add notes to the songs
  • Can record time markers (message, page change, MIDI event, note, etc.)
  • Visual metronome (sync with all the screens)
  • Use tabs for creating collections or setlists
  • Can customize gestures and few keys
  • Notes and messages can be sent to any of the screen
  • Keyboard Shortcuts available (no trackpad or mouse required)
  • Supports Bluetooth keyboards
  • Supports foot controllers

Other special features include but not limited to:

  • Quickly recovers any song in a second
  • Search mode is always on
  • Always performs search on every song
  • Returns quickly to the setlist

Quickly displays a song list

  • According to the keyword of existing label
  • Of the same artist as the current song
  • Having same tempo as the current song
  • Of already played songs


Mac Music Binder Pro 3.5 Full Crack Download

Music Binder Pro 3 5 MAS TNT.zip
28.65 MB
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