iPhone 6S Plus slow charging – how to get iPhone 6S charged quicker

iPhone 6 plus slow charging

is your iPhone 6S Plus charging slower than usual? Look some tips to get your iPhone 6S charged quicker. Hygiene of lightning or 30 pin port connector on iPhone, iPad and cable connection is the fundamental way to overcome slow charger case or not charged. Otherwise, there are some software solutions that would make your iPhone charge pretty faster.

Physical solutions

Clean up components related to the connection

Clean up iPhone dock connector After a period of use, dirt, rust and other external things will fall into the charging port on an iPhone, iPad and cause oxidation. This reduces the possibility of contact between the USB cable and lightning gate.

To solve the problems, users simply clean the connectors. Firstly shutdown iPhone, iPad by holding the power button, And then use toothpicks, small swab cleverly put into port to get all the dirt out. With the cable, use soft cloth to clean the ends exposed.

The cable gets bad after long-time using
The cable gets bad after long-time using

Using a 12W iPad charger for quicker iPhone charging

Using a 12W iPad charger for quicker iPhone charging

iPhones is using 5V, 1A charger. A research from Cnet indicated that it is alright using 12W iPad adapter to charge iPhones. That really improve the charging speed.

Software solutions

iPhone users absolutely can make the charging faster by taking some customizations in iOS such as turning off bluetooth, location service and other features that significantly drain your iPhone battery. You might want to look at Tips to Maximize, improve and save iPhone Battery Life in iOS. Besides, charging iPhone under Airplane Mode would help to save your time. Switching Off when charging somehow would help charge a lot faster than usual.