iPhone, iPad awesome shortcuts you do not know, you wasting your life

iPhone, iPad tips and tricks

There has been many sources of tips and tricks to use iOS effectively. However, in this share, you see essential and awesome iPhone-iPad shortcuts that if you do not know yet, you are wasting your life.

We collected these shortcut tips & tricks based on a lot of time using iOS and learning from other users. They all work well on iOS 7, iOS 8 and iOS 9. Know them, you would master your iPhone, iPad or even iPad touch much more than you expected.

All useful shortcut tips will be classified into different categories:

  • Typing and Text
  • Screenshots
  • Phone call
  • Safari
  • Music
  • Earbud Clicker
  • Mail
  • Miscellaneous
  • Turn Off, Quit App, Reboot

I, Typing and Text

With these shortcut tips, you can handle more quickly typing and text function in iOS.

Typing and Text Shortcut tips on iPhone

II, Screenshots

This shortcut trick is simple and you probably know it already. Taking a screenshot of the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch screen is possible with some keystrokes.

Screenshots shortcut iPhone

III, Phone call shortcuts on iPhone

Phone call shortcuts iPhone

With phone call functions, the headphones would help much more a lot. Look at – How to use iPhone 6 headphones – cool tips and tricks to control fully

IV, Safari shortcuts in iOS

Using safari on iPhone is much quicker if you know some these shortcuts:

iPhone safari shortcuts

V, Music

The earphones would help to take more shortcuts in using music functions on iPhone, iPad. Look at – How to use iPhone 6 headphones – cool tips and tricks to control fully

Music shortcut tricks iPhone

VI, Earbud Clicker

Earbud Clicker shortcuts iPhone

VI, Mail shortcuts in iOS

iOS mail shortcut

 VII, Miscellaneous iOS tip

Miscellaneous iOS Tip

VIII, Turn Off, Quit App, Reboot iPhone shortcuts

Force Quit an app, reboot,…

iPhone shortcuts

All above are likely essential shortcut tips and tricks for using iPhone and iPad. You now could master, control and use iOS better. Make a comment for your ideas and share our tip to help the others.