iPhone 6 gets slow? optimize iOS 8.4 to speed up and to fix lag [5 Tips]

iPhone 6 gets slow, how to fix lag?

You feel your iPhone 6 gets slow? Look at our some awesome iOS 8.4 optimization tips to speed up and fix lag.

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Getting newest update of iOS can be worse choice for older iPhone generations. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, the latest models, even get very slow sometimes. We have no idea for hardware solution, but it seems possible to optimize iOS 8.4 to speed up your iPhone 6 effectively. These 5 effective tips below obviously also work on iPad and other iPhones: 4, 4S, 5, and 5S.

Optimize iOS 8.4

1. Rebooting iPhone would help to speed up and fix lag

This is the most simple solution. The iOS and Ram memory will be fresh after rebooting. Moreover, all hidden running apps is terminated completely.

Reboot iPhone 6 to speed up and fix lag

2. Clear Cache & Delete unused apps

That clear cache and delete unused application are another helpful solution if your iPhone 6 is being lagging.

  • Clear Cache

Clear Cache to speed iPhone 6

  • Delete unused Applications

Delete unused Apps to fix lag on iPhone 6

3. Turn Off iOS 8 Animations – Reduce lag on iPhone 6

optimize iOS to speed up iPhone

4. Disable unused features – speed up iOS 8.4

iOS contain many handy features, especially Background App Refreshes. That disable unused features would speed up and fix lag on iPhone 6.

Disable unused features - speed up iOS 8.4

5. Restore and setup a new iPhone

In the case all above iOS optimization solution does not help to speed up your iPhone 6. You could try to restore and setup a new iPhone to see if that kicks laggy effect away.

restore to fix lag on iPhone 6

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