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iPhone 6s gets hot and overheating, fix?

iPhone 6S gets hot - fix

It is normal even many users have been reporting that the new iPhone 6S (and iPhone 6S Plus) sometimes gets too hot. The points are why your iPhone is hot and what is the fence between “hot” and “overheating”? And how to solve the problem?

It is not funny, but a real iPhone should gets hot sometimes. Almost iPhone users would agree that if compared with the other party, the iPhone is somewhat faster heat up during use. It should be alright for an iPhone which gets too “warm” when you are streaming video, paying games or recording the video using the back camera.

You know that iPhone 6S is designed to operate well between 0C (32F) and 35C (95F). Therefore, you should realize that if you use the device in somewhere that gets close or warmer then 35C (leaving the iPhone still playing Video in your pocket during traveling is an example), your iPhone tends to get too hot and may shows the warning: “iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it.” Once this message appears, the device will cool down it-self at it is designed.

iPhone 6S need to cools down

And now, if you assume that your iPhone should not get too hot as you have been faced, we would suggest some possible solutions.

How to fix if iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus gets too hot?

  • Remove the Plastic case
  • End all running Apps (double click quickly on the Home buttons too see all operating Apps)
  • Turn off the Bluetooth
  • Disable Location Services (go to Settings > tab Privacy > Location Services > Turn it Off)
  • Dont charge your device and if it is plugged into anything, unplug it.
  • You should disable iCloud (go to Settings > tab iCloud > Disable)
  • Reset to the factory setting

If your iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S plus still get too hot, you should touch the nearest Apple store to check if it is defective and get a replacement.

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