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iPhone 6S, iPhone 6C – New designs and Performances

What are you expecting in the next iPhone 6 generation? Let’s take a look quickly on New designs and Performances in reliable Rumors of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6C.

iPhone 6S, iPhone 6C - New designs and Performances in Rumors

Please be aware of that all following new features are revealed from very reliable rumors. I 99.99% assume that they are all coming in the next iPhone 6s and iPhone 6C which are expected to be released on September 9.

Are iPhone 6S coming with new designs for different Appearance & Size relative to iPhone 6?

There are no reason makes Apple decide to invest billions of bucks in significant changes in Design on iPhone 6S while almost people still feel satisfied with the appearance of the current iPhone 6. It will turn out the traditional story of the iPhone 4 – iPhone 4S  and iPhone 5 – iPhone 5S.

iPhone 6S likely comes with the same designs of iPhone 6: an aluminum chassis available in multiple colors and a different colored faceplate to match; slate/black, silver/white, gold/white.

iPhone 6S new designs
There is no significant new designs in iPhone 6S.

iPhone 6s: New Hardware for stronger performance

As we mentioned above, So the next iPhone 6S is a revision of the iPhone 6, with a similar naming scheme and general appearance. However, differences comes from the internal elements. iPhone 6S has so much stronger than iPhone 6 in performance: 2GB RAM, A9 CPU, Faster LTE with greater power efficiency, Force Touch display, 12 megapixel camera, 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB storage sizes, and using iOS 9.

iPhone 6S hardware
iPhone 6S hardware

How is about iPhone 6C?

The most remarkable thing is there will be variety of colors in iPhone 6C.

iPhone 6C: Variety  of beautiful colors
iPhone 6C: Variety of beautiful colors

However, the price for iPhone 6C is still in secret. Hopefully, they will be affordable unlike iPhone 5C.

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