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iPhone 6, 6S black screen with VoiceOver On

I finally solved my problem which could be yours. My iPhone 6S screen turned to black with VoiceOver on. Let me describe my case in the following words.

iPhone 6 black screen Voice Over On

I had enabled the VoiceOver feature on my iPhone 6S, and then it constantly repeated all things.

I therefore punch a few times some commands to get rid of such that circumstance, but the screen turned to BLACK.

After that, I tried to restart the iPhone 6. After seeing the silver apple logo, I heart the commands and the screen shown black still.

How to fix if iPhone screen turns black with VoiceOver On?

I am pretty sure that if you ask Apple for assistance on this issue, they tend to suggest restoring your iPhone. You can attempt to do that, but after trying to turn off VoiceOver using one of three ways below:

  • We can disable VoiceOver by Making a “Triple-click Home” via Pressing the home button three times quickly.
  • If the VoiceOver is till enabled and you are still able to access the Setting in iOS, go to Settings > General > Accessibility and disable VoiceOver.
  • There should be a final way to turn off and disable VoiceOver is using iTunes. You might not know yet that we are able to monitor accessibility features in iOS through iTunes:
  1. Connect your device to iTunes.
  2. From iTunes, select the affected device.
  3. At the Summary window, lick on “Configure Universal Access” in the Options section at the bottom.
  4. Select the feature you want to use.
  5. Click on Ok button.

Hopefully my above experiences would help to fix if your iPhone screen blacks out with VoiceOver On.

Thank Huong Sky for your contribution to this article.

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Ish Rodriguess
Ish Rodriguess
4 years ago

Try turning off the Screen Curtain by triple tapping the screen with three fingers.

Additionally, you can turn Voice Over off completely using these steps:
Press the home button three times quickly. This is also called “Triple-click Home”.

If the VoiceOver feature still is on, you can navigate to Settings > General > Accessibility and turn VoiceOver off here.

If it is too difficult to access those settings on your iPhone, you can turn VoiceOver off using iTunes

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