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Top 3 alternatives to iPartition

iPartition alternatives

iPartition is a smart solution to resize bootcamp volume under Mac OS X. To do this kind of stuff, there must be some applications else. Look at the following words to see the list of top 3 best iPartition alternatives that you may take advantage from.

Paragon Camptune X

Camptune X designed by Paragon-Software must be the best choice without iPartition. It even works more effectively and stably then iPartition does. You may want to take a look on our another topic: iPartition vs Paragon Camptune X.
With Camptune X, resizing Bootcamp partition becomes so quick and easy by 3 steps:

  • Launch the app.
  • Set the desired partition size by just moving the partition boundaries
  • Finally, click on Continue button to confirm and perform the repartition process

El Capitan Resize Bootcamp Partition

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Stellar Mac Partition Manager

Stellar Mac Partition Manager is a paid alternative to iPartition. Stellar Partition Manager is a powerful disk partition utility to manage disks on Mac. It is designed with many disk volume functions:

  • Create, repair, format and delete Mac partitions
  • Partitioning external Hdd
  • Resize Bootcamp volume without data lost

stellar partition manager - iPartition alternative


Winclone is a pretty good iPartition alternative. It allows mac users to resize the Bootcamp partition under Mac OS X, but Backup and Formatting the volume are necessary.


The process consists of the following steps:

  • Shrinking the size of the current bootcamp partition
  • Create an image of the current bootcamp partition
  • Remove the current partition
  • Create a new partition with a new desired size
  • Restoring the Winclone image


Other iPartition Alternatives

Probably, there should be some other alternatives to iPartition at the time you read this article. Please leave some comment below to represent your share.

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