Best new and updated iOS apps for November 2015

We usually say that the best things arrive always in the last, well, its so true! As it’s the end of this year, we have got some tremendous iOS apps right here for you,  these iOS apps are not only new but are going to be the most updated and powerful one you can have….

This is how you create custom ringtones for iPhone

Annoyed of the same mainstream ringtone of your iPhone yet? iPhone has become really common these days and therefore, everywhere you go you hear the same ringtone that matches your phone’s tone making you realize that it is your phone when it is not. This article will provide you with just the perfect solution so…

Play with one of these iOS keyboard apps because it’s fun

Keyboard apps to be used for fun? You might be thinking what an uncertain idea this must be. Because for you, keyboard is just a medium to communicate like send messages, find contacts in your IPhone, control the gaming section right? Well, what if we say keyboards are capable of much and much more now a…

[Fix] iMessage not working with just one contact person

Read our tip to fix completely if your iMessage has trouble with one contact only. I was able to iMessage to everyone, accept one person, my girl friend. Everything seems to work well from her side. We finally found out the solution.

iOS 9 keyboard tip: hide the microphone button for easier typing

The microphone button on the keyboard is important for users who often text voice message. However, it takes a little space and and makes the other keys smaller. Look at our tip to remove the microphone button from the keyboard on iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S plus or any older iPhone generations upgraded to iOS 9.

Speed up iPhone 6S and improve it’s battery life

The speed does not seem to be a concern for iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S users, but the battery life is always an obvious problem. Look at our following suggestions to speed up iPhone 6S and improve it’s battery life by optimizing iOS 9 in details.

Cool 3D Touch shortcuts on iPhone 6S that you may miss some

iPhone 6S comes with 3D Touch, the most awesome feature in this latest iPhone generation. Let’s look at the ten cool 3D Touch shortcuts to save a lot of time dealing with iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus.

Touch ID not Working properly on iPhone 6S? Here is solution to Fix It

My friend complained the Touch ID function does not work properly at it is expected on her new iPhone 6S. She had to touch too many times to go through of the lock screen. Thank god because after minutes, we fixed the problems. Here are the ways we did.

iPhone 6S, iOS 9: How to fix Bluetooth Connectivity problems

It is so normal if you have been faced any problems with the Bluetooth connectivities on iPhone 6S. What should do to solve the issue if Bluetooth does not work properly in iOS 9? look at our following solution.

iPhone 6S camera flash not working, how to fix

Two of my customers brought back the new iPhone 6S he just bought 2 days ago and complained why the camera flash is not working. We finally found some solutions.

“Session could not be started with iPhone” How to fix this iTunes error?

This error happens during Back up / Sync process. Users will receive an error of “Session could not be started with iPhone” or “iTunes could not back up the iPhone because a session could not be started“. You can solve the problems by the following tips.

iOS 9.0.2, Hey Siri not working on iPhone 6S or iPad, fix

In the new iOS 9 in available in iPhone 6S, “Hey Siri” function allows you to ask Siri a question by saying “Hey Siri” instead of pressing the home button. However, many users have complained that after upgrading to iOS 9.0.2 they get no response from Siri after just saying “Hey Siri” saying “Hey Siri”. Look at the following solution to fix: