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Instruction to install and run Android RemixOS on Mac and Windows Pc

Install Android RemixOS on Mac PC

Very clear and quick, look at our instruction to see how to install and run Remix OS 2.0 smoothly in Mac OS X on Macbooks or iMac and in Windows on PCs.

RemixOS is an OS that is re-designed from Android 5.0. The version I introduce here is developed by Android x86 group, it therefore works so well on almost Mac and Common PC (Intel / AMD). RemixOS supports Play Store and other Google services, so it is possible to download and install Android App into your PC. Interestingly, RemixOS makes it able to launch Android Apps under separated Windows in Mac OS X and Windows (Windows 7, 8, 10). Moreover,  RemixOS allows users to use Mouse and Keyboards at normal.

How to Install Remix OS 2.0 in Mac OS X and Windows

1. Preparation

  • An USB (at least 8Gb). USB 3.0 is better
  • Download RemixOS.ISO.torrent (Mediafire link)


  • Download Remixos Usb Tool to mount the RemixOS.ISO in Windows. Mac users do not need.

[sdm_download id=”7790″ fancy=”1″]

2. Instruction

Step 1. Format USB

  • In Mac OS X, use Disk Utility to format USB under FAT32 or MS-DOS (FAT)

Format USB with Disk Utility

  • In Windows, it is easy. You need to format the USB under FAT32 format. Be aware of that exFAT is not accepted by RemixOS in Windows

Step 2. Create an Bootable RemixISO USB

  • In Windows, use the Remixos Usb Tool to extract theRemixOS.ISO into the USB.

Bootable RemixISO USB

  • In Mac OS X

1. Run Terminal (found in /Applications/Utilities/), then enter the following command line to convert .ISO to .IMG which is supported by Mac

hdiutil convert -format UDRW -o Desktop/RemixISO.img Desktop/RemixISO.iso

2. Then enter the below command line to show up the list all the drives connected to your Mac

diskutil list

3. Enter the following command line, but remember to change X by your USB device number

diskutil unmountDisk /dev/diskX sudo dd if=Desktop/RemixISO.img 
of=/dev/rdiskX bs=1m diskutil eject /dev/diskX

Step 3. Boot your Mac or PC from the Bootable RemixISO USB

For Macbook or iMac, just press the power button then hold the option key to driver to the Windows of Boot Options. At for normal PCs, hold down F9 (Acer), F8 or Esc (Asus) , F12 on Dell…

From the Boot Menu, you should see your USB option there. Choose it, then you start going into Remix OS 2.0.

There will be 2 different modes to get into Remix OS. Resident mode will save your data and can be accessed next time without your USB drive. In another hand, Guest mode will require your USB Drive and won’t save any of your data on Remix OS 2.0.

Guest mode and Resident mode

Enjoy it!

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srinivas b
srinivas b
5 years ago

what do you mean by usb device number?

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