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Install Windows 10 on Macbook using Virtual box

Virtual Box is a free virtualization software for Mac users. Using Virtual Box make it possible to run a Windows virtual machine inside Mac OS X. Look at our following tutorial to install Windows 10 on Macbook using virtual box.

Virtual box - install windows 10 on Macbook

Instruction to install Windows 10 into a Virtual Box machine on a Mac

  • Step 1: Download Windows 10.ISO

It is able to download original Windows 10 (32-64 bit).ISO from Microsoft Download Page.

Windows 10 download

  • Step 2: Download Virtual Box

Download the Virtual Box (free software) for Mac OS X here: https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads

  • Step 3: Config Virtual Box setting

Launch Virtual Box and choose NEW to create a new virtual machine. You then are able to enter for name for the new Virtual machine, select Microsoft Windows at ‘Type’, and choose Windows 10 (32 or 64 bit at your choice) at ‘Version’.

Install Windows 10 in Mac OS X using Virtual box
Create a new Virtual virtual machine to install Windows using Virtual Box

After clicking on ‘Continue’ button, you will be able to set the Memory of Ram and CPU to make the machine strong enough to run Windows 10 smoothly. We recommend selecting at least 4Gb of Ram.

Memory size should be sufficient for smoothly Windows running in Mac OS X
Memory size should be sufficient for smoothly Windows running on Macbook
  • Step 4: Start installing Windows 10 on Macbook using virtual box

Click ‘Start’ button on the left side to run the new virtual machine you have just created. Locate the Windows 10 setup.ISO direction, then click on Start. The further steps is similar to when you install windows on a normal computer.

Start installing Windows on Mac

Be noticed that during the installing processes, When seeing the new notification of “Upgrade” or “Custom“, just click on Custom instead of Upgrade, the option is for computer was installed Windows already. The installing lasts about 25 minutes, then you are ready to experience Windows 10 on your MacBook.

Stay in the same software category with Virtual Box, VMWare Fusion 7 and Mac Parallels Desktop 10 are more powerful and commercial softwares. However, it’s able to download the full free versions of them from here:
VMWare Fusion 7 full free download (you might want to look at: Install and run Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows XP using Fusion on Macbook.)
Mac Parallels Desktop 10 full free download
In a reverse way, you might want to look at How to install OS X Yosemite/El Capitan on VMware Workstation 11 in Windows.

Running Windows  inside Mac OS X through a virtualization app is limited and can not be utilized at highest performance. If you want to install Windows 10 in an independent partition, look at Install Windows 10 through Bootcamp on MacBooks.

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