Home iOS iOS Tips and Tricks Ignore “Verification Required” to download free apps on iPhone, iPad

Ignore “Verification Required” to download free apps on iPhone, iPad

It is really annoying when you are asked to go through of “Verification Required” procedure to download even free apps on your iPhone or iPad. Look at our tip to Ignore “Verification Required”, download and install free applications in seconds.

Ignore Verification Required to download free app on iPhone

You need to ask a valid credit card into your Apple ID to purchase commercial apps from Apple store. However, by some reasons which we should not clear in this topic, you constantly face the following notification that actually prevents you from downloading and installing free apps.

Verification Required – Before you can make purchase, you must tab Continue to verify your payment info

Verification required

Follow the following steps to get rid of this problem:

1. Settings > Tap on App and iTunes Stores.

App and iTunes Stores

2. Go to Apple ID (login to with your Apple ID and password if required) > View My Apple ID > Payment Information > Choose None for Payment Type.

None for payment type to get rid of verification required

Done! Please be noticed that you should verify your payment information if you want to purchase commercial apps from Apple Store.

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Paul Mihali
Paul Mihali
5 years ago

There is not any “none”

mason mikes
mason mikes
5 years ago

Yea there no none for me

4 years ago

Can’t get the none either .. on my ipad .. does this have to be done on a laptop or table top

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