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How to use iPhone 6S headphones – cool tips and tricks to control fully

How to use iPhone 6 headphones

How to use iPhone 6S headphones? Look at our cool tips and tricks to fully control your iPhone 6 earphones. And you will see it can do so much more than you expected. There are many cool hidden things you should know. Trust me!

The headphones of iPhone 6S or whatever iPhone look simple: the center button stands between volume up + and volume down – buttons. People seems to think that this earphones is just useful in listening to the music and playing media. Surprisingly, it is provided with many cool functions you may not know yet.

These tips and tricks below are very great physical things mac users can control fully all buttons on your iPhone 6 headphones:


Play and pause control

1, Play and Pause functions:

Press the center button once to pause, and once again to resume and play again.

iphone 6 headphone tips


Fast forward in iPhone headphones2, Fast forward: 

Fast forward by pressing the center button twice and then hold down it on the second press.

iPhone headphones tricks


Fast forward in iPhone headphones3, Rewind:

Rewind by pressing three times the center button and then hold down it on the third press.

iPhone 6 earphones tips


Fast forward in iPhone headphones4, Skip To The Next Song:

Double click the headset button to skip forward to the next track, next movie or chapter

How to use iPhone headphones


Take a picture with iPhone headphones5, Take a Picture:

While the Camera app is open, press the volume + button to take a picture. This tip work with default camera only, not other camera apps like Instagram.


How to use iPhone earphones


Activate Siri with headphones6, Activate Siri:

Make a Single click and hold down on the headset (middle) button to active Siri.

iPhone earphones tips


Answer or hang up call with earphones on iPhone

7, Answer or End call

Quickly press the center button once to answer and once again to hang up the call

Answer and Hangup call with iphone headphones


Tips with headphones on iPhone8, Switch between calls on iPhone

Make a Single click the headset button to switch between multiple calls.

iPhone 6s headphones tips


Fast forward in iPhone headphones9, Hang up on current call: 

Quickly Double click and hold down the headset button to hang up on the current of multiple calls. (Two low beeps will confirm the hang up.)

how to use iPhone 7 headphones


 Ignore incoming call on iPhone10, Ignore incoming call:

You can ignore an incoming call by Pressing and holding the center button for a couple seconds, then release it. You should hear two beeps when the call’s been disconnected.


You now know all secrets and hidden functions of iPhone 6S headphone. They are so cool, aren’t they. Using iPhone earphones turns to more quickly under full control. Leave a comment or share this article if it is helpful. Thanks

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