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How to uninstall and remove Office 2016 from Mac completely

Office 2016 is a great product but may not be a favor of many Mac users. Look at the following instruction to uninstall and remove Mac Office 2016 completely.

Uninstall and remove mac office 2016

I do not know the reason why you want to uninstall Office 2016 from your Mac. This is an great product, and Many people get Mac Office 2016 activated successfully for free in our previous tutorial.

Before deciding to uninstall the software, you may want to take a look on our short review to see the list of top ten new great features to explain why users are encouraged to install this new version.

There will be several ways to remove mac office 2016 completely

1. First way: Uninstall Mac Office 2016 using tool

There are hundred of software that support to uninstall Application in Mac OS X. You may want to take a look on our another review at Best Free Uninstallers to remove completely app in OS X. To uninstall Office 2016, we would suggest using AppZapper.

Step 1: Download AppZapper full version

Download link: http://eshareload.com/appzapper.html (look at here if you face difficulty to get free download from eShareload)

AppZapper full version

Step 2: Go to Applications folder from Finder window, the Drag and drop all components (Word, excel, powerpoint,..) into AppZapper window.

Drag to remove office 2016

And then in further processes, AppZapper will find all the links and information related to the app. And then with one more click, AppZapper will throw all the entire Office 2016 into the trash.

remove office using AppZapper


2. Second ways: Manually remove Mac Office 2016

According to Microsoft, we can easily remove mac office 2016 in few steps:

  • Go to Applications, highlight then move all Microsoft Excel, OneNote,… into the Trash.
  • Move mac office 2016 into trashRemove all related files from the Library Folder

Follow the below steps to delete all related files from your user Library Folder:

Remove office form Library folder


Remove office from user Library folder

Office 2011 is still a best choice for Mac users. Download Mac Office 2011 full version here.
Best luck 🙂

To master Office 2016 on Mac, look at Mac Office 2016 Tips for saving a lot of time.

For Windows, look at Microsoft Office 2016 Pro [ISO Full version + Crack] for Windows.

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