How to terminate Facebook account permanently – Delete forever

I do not know your reasons, and I actually do not care. If you want to terminate your Facebook account permanently (to delete Facebook account forever), take following steps that I have just done :).

Terminate Facebook account Permanently

Download All Data you have shared before Terminating your Facebook forever

You might not know that we can make a backup of your entire Facebook data, and all photos, posts, links, videos,… that you have shared will be downloaded to your Computer.

We do this by going to Settings > scroll down and choose Download a copy of your Facebook data:

Backup Facebook data

Steps to delete Facebook account permanently

Look at the instruction map:

Go to the Terminating Facebook account page > Delete account > Confirm your action > Wait for 14 days without logging > Done.

Delete Facebook account

  • Follow procedures to confirm your action:

Confirm to delete Facebook forever

  • Your Facebook account will be removed forever after 14 days without logging since the day it is deactivated.

Your account is removed forever after 14 days without logging since it is deactivated

Delete Facebook + Terminate Facebook + Remove Facebook = saving your life.