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How to take screenshots, record video and connect controller on Apple TV 4

Take Apple TV 4 screenshots

The new Apple TV 4 comes with a ton of new features, especially the compatibility between hardwares and the great new Siri Remote control. The following article will answer the 3 common questions:

  1. How to take screenshots on Apple TV 4?
  2. How to record video on Apple TV 4?
  3. How to connect controller on Apple TV 4?

Like iOS on iPhone, Mac OS X on Mac PC, Apple TV 4 is provided with tvOS. This makes it easy to handle the device after a while studying the software.

There must be some functions to take screenshots, record video and connect controller in the tvOS in seconds.

How to take Screenshots on Apple TV 4

Taking Screenshots on Apple TV 4

Steps to capture a screenshot on Apple TV 4?

  1. Download the app named “Apple’s Xcode development environment“. This app is free.
  2. Connect your Mac PC with Apple TV using USB cable or the USB-C.
  3. Run the lately installed Xcode app (easy to find in the Applications folder).
  4. Select the Window option from the menu on the top.
  5. Choose Devices, choose Apple TV from the connected Devices list. You then are able to click on take screenshot option.

How to Record Videos on Apple TV 4

Record Videos on Apple TV 4

This is a really awesome feature. Take the following steps to record Videos on Apple TV 4.

  1. Connect Apple TV to your Mac.
  2. Run QuickTime player app in Mac OS X, from the top menu, click on File, then select New movie recording.
  3. You know click on the arrow that is facing down to the side of it to manufacture a new appropriate menu, then select Apple TV under both the Camera and Microphone options.
  4. You know are able to click on the Record button to start your recording videos.

How to Pair a game controller to the new Apple TV 4

1. Select on Setting on your Apple TV

Apple TV setting

2. Select Remote and Devices

Remote and Devices Apple TV

3. Put the controller on pairing mode. ( You might have to turn it on and hold it in the pairing mode for a few seconds)

4. It takes a little while until Apple TV will detect the controller.

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Debbie Gray
Debbie Gray
4 years ago

Great tutorial. Thank you.

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