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How to see WiFi password saved on iPhone and iPad

See Wifi password on iPhoneIt is possible to see Password of a Wifi network you already connected on iPhone. Look at our tip to see how to view Wifi Password saved on iPhone and iPad.

You might already know that it turns to easy to see wifi password on a jailbroken iPhone & iPad. However, we still can make it possible to do in a non-jailbroken one.

See WiFi password on Jailbroken iPhone and iPad

With getting iPhone jailbroken, you can do many things supposed to be impossible due to Apple restriction. You might want to look at Jailbreak iOS 8.0.x -> 8.4 successfully in Window and Mac OS X.

To show Wifi password saved in iOS, you just go to Cydia, find and download to install an application named “Wifi Passwords“.

See wifi password on iphone jailbroken

This utility will show all available Wifi password saved on your iPhone.

View WiFi Password on a normal iPhone and iPad (non-jailbroken one)

There is no available applications and any tools to show the password of available Wifi networks that you already connected. But we have our own tip. Look at the following Map:

Find Router iP address > Attempt to login to Router with default user and password > view the Wifi password in router setting.

  • To login to the Router, your need to find it’s ip address first. Open the Settings app and tab “Wi-Fi” settings > Look at targeted the wi-fi router / network name that want to reveal the password> tap on the (i) info button.

Find router ip address in iOS

You then should see Router ip address:

Router IP is shown in iOS setting

  • Open safari > type the Router ip address > Enter. You then is directed to the Router login panel page.

login to router in iOS

The router model is now revealed. You can attempt to login with default user/password (they normally are admin/admin). However, you can go on google to search the exact default user/password quickly with specific Router Model.

  • Trust me that it works because I get lucky many times. After accessing admin penal, you can go to Wifi Setting to see or even change to your own password.

If your another iPhone or iPad can not connect to the Wifi network that you got the right password, look at our another tip – 6 Tips to fix completely iPhone Wifi problems in iOS.

My tips indicate that it is possible to see and view WiFi password saved on iPhone and iPad. Hopefully you could do it your self.

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Mike Sanders
Mike Sanders
6 years ago

Much simpler to sync keychain with icloud and save all passwords you've ever used, I then copy them to Notes and they are always at my fingertips, no guesswork and very simple

Tudor Stanese
Tudor Stanese
5 years ago
Reply to  Mike Sanders

Were do I find the keychain app or tool?

Mike Sanders
Mike Sanders
5 years ago

Keychain is in the utilities folder which is in the applications folder, I drag it into the dock so it is literally at my fingertips.

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