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How to search a word file (Doc and Docx) by a text content in OS X

If Spotlight does not index word file content in OS X as too many Mac users have complained, how to search a word file (.Doc or Docx) via suggested keyword such a text content in Mac OS X Yosemite and El Capitan? Look at our following tip.

Search word file (Doc, docx) by a text contet

Basically, The reason makes it impossible to find word file in OS X is that Documents category is not selected under Spotlight search results (System Preferences > Spotlight > Search Results > Make sure that Documents option is checked). However, through Spotlight, you can search for Word file only when you provide the exact file name.

How to search for word file by using a suggested text content in Mac OS X?

For example, you created a “can not remember file name.docx” a couple of months ago. Now you need to use the file while you now can only provide some text contents as keywords, how to find it? It is really possible with using an external application named houdahspot.

Houdahspot full version free download


  • Step 2: Provide Text content keywords in the Search position at the top-left conner, then start searching. Here is the result:

Search word file in Mac OS X using HoudahspotShare if you suppose my tip is useful on others.


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