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How to Restore firmware on iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus

Restore iPhone 6

You want to restore firmware iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S plus after a while using since they seem to work slowly or there are some software problems you can not solve them out. Look at following article to see how to restore firmware iPhone easily in few steps.

Few notices before restoring firmware:

  • If your iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S plus was jailbroken, that you restore them will remove and terminate Jailbreak totally on the device. You might want to have look at Jailbreak iOS 8.0.x -> 8.4 successfully in Window and Mac OS X.
  • You need to turn off Passcode, Touch ID and Find My iPhone on iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus.
  • Download and update the newest iTunes for your Pc.

Restore firmware on iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus

By following 5 steps, you can restore firmware your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus through iTunes easily and quickly.

  • Step 1: Connect iPhone 6S to PC

Using cable, connect iPhone 6 Plus to PC and iTunes should recognize the iPhone shortly.

Restore iPhone via iTunes

You might need to backup your iPhone if you still want to keep all current Data.

Backup iPhone before restoring

  • Step 2: Restore iPhone firmware

Restore iPhone firmware

Click on Restore iPhone to ask iTunes automatically download newest firmware from Apple server.

Otherwise, you can downgrade iOS 8 back to iOS 7 for available jailbreak solutions by holding Shift and click on Restore iPhone to be able to choose firmwares downloaded. You might want to look at How to get back to iOS 7 from iOS 8 firmware.

Select firmware to downgrade iPhone

  • Step 3: Restore confirmation

You need to agree to confirm by Clicking on Restore button:

iPhone restore confirmation

And then just click on Next, then Agree. The process that restores iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus will occurs automatically.

Restore iPhone firmware how

  • Step 4: Reboot iPhone

After restore processes are finished, you should see the notification asking you to reboot your iPhone 6 Plus. Click on Ok

Reboot iPhone after restoring

  • Step 5 : Setup as new iPhone

You now are able to choose between 2 options: Set up as new iPhone or Restore this from backup.

Setup a new iPhone after restoring

You have just got your iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S plus or any other iPhone – 3,4, 4S,5,5S restored successfully. If there are any problems and errors occur during restoring process, look at our another topic to solve: Fix common errors when you restore iPhone, iPad.

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