How to rename pdf file in iBooks on iPhone, iPad

It seems to be simple, but many users have been asking me for solution of how to rename a PDF book file in iBooks app in iOS on iPhone or iPad. We actually can do that within a few touches.

rename pdf files in ibooks on iPhone and iPad

You will need to rename file.pdf to manage iBooks more effectively in may contexts. For example, I always open file.pdf downloaded from internet using iBooks app on my iPad. However, the pdf book is saved in it’s original name which is sometimes complicated.

Change the pdf file name in iBooks on iPhone, iPad

Step 1: Open to view the PDF file.
Step 2: Touch Select.
Step 3: The keyboard will appear once you tab where the name is, you then are able to rename the file.

Rename Pdf file in iBooks

In iBooks, tap Select button at the upper right position, then touch document title & rename as before. Finally, tab Done to save. Apple should make iBooks interface more smart to for easy using on users.