up and down page mac tip

We easy find Page Up and Page Down key on PC keyboard. Is it possible to make Page Up and Page Down on Mac Keyboard?

mac keyboard tipsThis mac-keyboard tip is simple, but I am pretty sure you do not know yet. It helps to make quick movements wherever you stay on page of web-browser or Office page working. Hold Fn + Up or Down to see the result.

Perform Page Up by Fn + Up Arrow

The “Fn” key is found exactly at the lower left of all modern Mac keyboards. If you combine that with the Up arrow, which is found on the lower right of the keyboard, you will perform the equivalent of a page up.

Perform Page Down by Fn + Down Arrow

Paging down is done the same way as paging up, using the same “Fn” key and the Down arrow to perform the equivalent of a page down on a Mac keyboard.