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How to make a Bootable Mojave installation USB in Mac and Windows?

Bootable Mojave installation USB

In this topic, MacBold will share very doable instruction of how to make a Bootable USB of the new MacOS Mojave installation in Both Mac and Windows.

It’s easy to upgrade to the new MacOS Mojave if you are running a Mac at normal. However, if you need a new-clear installation on a new drive or by a reason such as the current MacOS is broken, a bootable Mojave installation USB would solve the problems quickly.

To do this, you need:

How to make a Bootable Mojave installation USB on Mac?

If you have another Mac, just download the new MacOS Mojave from Apple App store, then use DiskMaker X, which already is compatible with macOS Mojave to make your own Bootable installation USB.

If the above way is quite complicated or the MacOS Mojave is not accessible to download from Apple website, you can just download my own Mojave installation USB image, then use Disk Utility to restore into your USB Flash Drive.

  • Download Mojave installation USB image from our another topic here.
  • From your MacOS, launch Disk Utility –> Select the USB volume –> Edit –> Restore
  • Click on “image”, select and choose the “Mojave installation USB image file” downloaded.Mojave installation USB image file
  • Click on Restore

  • And it takes couple of minutes to accomplish the process.

How to Create a Bootable USB of Mojave installation in Windows?

  • Step 1: The most important thing is you need a Bootable Mojave installation USB image.iso file. And you can download it from our another share here.
  • Step 2: You now can use plenty of free softwares to Burn an ISO File to a USB Drive. Rufus is an example.
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