How to Install Java in Mac OS X El Capitan

Install Java in OS X El CapitanIf you have installed OS X El Capital, you should sometimes see a notification or a requirement of installing or upgrading Java such as “To view this web content, you need to install the Java runtime environment error”. How to install a compatible Java version in OS X El Capitan? Look at our simple tip below.

There are 2 easiest and quickest ways to install right Java version on Mac. They work all on OS X – El Capitan, Yosemite and mavericks.

1 – Grab a El Capitan Compatible Java Version from Apple

Mac users can find and download a compatible Java installer for OS X El Capitan on Apple website:

Java for El Capitan

2 –  Get the El Capitan Compatible Java Installer through Terminal

Launch the Terminal in /Applications/Utilities/ in OS X El Capitan. And then type this command line:

java -version

install Java in OS X Capitan

A notification dialog will come up, Click on More Info…, you will be directed to the Java Developer Kit download website.