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How to hack wifi password?

How to hack wifi

How to hack wifi” is never a weird question. For education purpose only, look at the following specific instruction to see how to hack wifi password 100% successfully using a combination of Dumpper, Jumpstart, and WPSPin in steps.

What is WPS?

WPS is a common feature in almost all of the wireless router is produced in recent years. This feature allows a computer to connect to a wireless network through PIN entry without having to remember passwords that network. In this article, I will give steps how to hack wifi through WPS Pin.

By using this method, I have hacked successfully the 4 different wifi networks around my house. Do not be surprised because you are gonna do it, just do not be discouraged, just try to go.

Firstly, I want you to be noticed of that our solution works only on the WiFi networks that WPS is enabled.

How To Hack WiFi Password Tutorial

Download wifi password hacking tools

We actually can use just Dumpper + Jumpstart or WPS Pin + Jumpstart to do, but I recommend using the all 3 tools above.
You can download and get all needed softwares from any sources, we just provide here with just one file which includes Dumpper 50.5, 70.6, Jumpstart 2.0, and WPSPin 10.8 by the following download links.

    After downloading all the tools, install JumpStart. Dumpper and WPSPin 10.8 can be launched without installing.

Method 1: Find And Connect To Targeted WiFi Network Automatically using Dumpper + Jumpstart

I do not encourage using this way to be able to go fast but you also need to read this first.

Steps to hack wifi password using Dumpper and JumpStart

Step 1: Run Dumpper v.50.5 —> Go to Wps tab —> Check on All networks in Show default Pin —> Click on Scan to see available WiFi Networks with WPS.

Scan WiFi Networks with WPS

Step 2: Select one of available Wifi networks in the list (we would recommend choosing the one with strongest signal) —> You now need to remember Wifi network name and Wps Pin number for the method 2 coming later.

Start JumpStart to hack Wifi password

Do not try WiFi Networks with “Locked” at Default Pin because the WPS is locked.

Step 3: Click on Start JumpStart button to automatically connect to the targeted WiFi through JumpStart.

Jumpstart and wifi password hacking


The process of detection will automatically executes, just wait for a while until Jumpstart tries using WPS Pin on all scanned WiFi networks. This is why I suppose this method is not effective since the WPS Pin is used to work out on all available WiFi networks instead of only the corresponding one.

Method 2: Hack The Password Of Targeted WiFi Network Manually Using WPSPin + JumpStart

In this method, we use Dumpper to scan and get WPS Pin, then using them to connect manually to the WiFi Network using JumpStart. This is quicker and more effective.

Steps to hack WiFi Network Using WPSPin and JumpStart

Step 1: Launch WPS Pin 10.8 —> Select the WiFi Card of your device (I am using Atheros AR9285) —> Select WPSPIN tab to scan WPS Pin of available WiFi Networks —> Check on “Mostrar Pin para todas la Redes” tho show WPS Pin scanned —> Finally choose “Escanear Auto” to start scanning networks.

Get WiFi WPS Pin

Step 2: After getting all WPS Pin, just select a targeted WiFi name (this software does not show up the WiFi name corresponding Signal quality, you therefore can find out which one is strong enough through Windows Network Connection) —> from “Informacion WPS” area, you will see (SSID) and WPSPIN information. At for WPSPIN, just get the first 8 numbers.

SSID and WPS Pin

Step 3: Launch JumpStart —> check on “Join a wireless network” —> click on “Next” to continues.

Jumpstart Join a wireless network

Step 4: Choose Enter the PIN from my access point, fill the PIN number into “Access Point PIN” field —> Uncheck on “Automatically select the network” (Otherwise, you go back to the method 1 that we have just done) —> Click on “Next“.

Step to crack wifi network

Step 5: In the next window, choose the WiFi Network corresponding to to WPS Pin you have just entered in the step 4 (click on Refresh if you do not see the WiFi name) —> Click on Next to start connecting.

Start hacking the WiFi

If it takes too long to see the result, just give up and try to hack another WiFi network.

If the WiFi Password is hacked for successful connection, you will see the following notification.

Hack WiFi Password successfully
Hack WiFi Password successfully

You now can use the hacked WiFi normally. However, you need to get the password for using on other devices such as iPhone or iPad.

The WiFi password is revealed at Profiles of Dumpper. Just select the WiFi name —> password appears in the Key field.

WiFi passwod

How to hack WiFi? This may still be your question after my tutorial. Leave a comment if you failed to see the causes and find out the solutions.


We have just updated a better solution to crack WiFi password (WPA and WPA2) by using Linset. Linset will make all clients be disconnected to the targeted WiFi network first, then motivate them to connect to a protected fake WiFi Network in exactly the same name as the targeted one. The software will record the Entered password by clients. Look at WiFi Hacker – Hack Wifi using WifiSlax 4.11 [Macbooks and Windows Laptops] 2015.

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